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This tool will allow you to remove bad pixels, and rotate your photographs. These tasks are accomplished as losslessly as possible.

Usual graphics programs decode jpeg images when they are loaded, and re-encode them when they are saved, which results in an overall loss of quality. This tool, on the other hand, does not decode and re-encode the image, but manipulates the encoded image data. Therefore, the blocks which contain the pixels to be interpolated are minimally disturbed, and other blocks remain pixel-by-pixel identical to the original image.

There are 2 different types of "bad pixel":

Hot pixels - These are small dots that appear on your digital photos - usually caused by defects in the cameras CCD, where one of the elements has become permanently stuck "on". They are more noticeable in very dark shots, and will appear as bright spots that are always in the same place.

Dead pixels - These are also small dots that appear on your digital photos. However, unlike "hot pixels", these pixels appear as small black dots. They will be more noticeable in light shots, and will appear as black flecks that are always in the same place.

As well as rotating the jpeg image, any embedded jpeg exif thumbnail is also rotated. (Well, actually the thumbnail is just regenerated)

The actual image processing is done via jpegpixi, jpeghotp, and jpegtran.

jpegpixi and jpeghotp are available from : http://www.zero-based.org/software/jpegpixi/

jpegtran should come as part of jpeglib

Screenshot 1 is a phot before removing bad-pixels, and screenshot 2 afterwards. (Screenshots are in jpeg format to reduce filesize...)

(Please note that this app may have some rough edges - its just a simple front end that I use to clean up my photos. It is *not* intended as a general image viewer)


16 years ago

Hi - I have not tried this one, but Mapivi seems to do similar things (lossless image manipulation, if possible) and much more (edit metainfo of jpegs like exif and IPTC). Just a hint, not saying that dptool is bad.




16 years ago

Well the main reason for dptool was the removal of bad-pixels - plus the image (and exif) rotation.

Its just a simple app that I use to correct the photos from my camera - its not meant to be the best image viewer/editor around. I only uploaded it in case others were interested - as I couldn't find a gui hot-pixel remover anywhere.


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