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ktexteditor-yankbuffer is a plugin for KDE text editors that gives you emacs-like kill line (C-k) and yank (C-y) behaviour. For non-emacs users: this means that you can delete (kill) lines and then paste (yank) them in at another place in the document (or in another document).

As an extra feature the plugin supports multiple yank buffers. By pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K you create a new yank buffer (that all future kill line and yank operations will use) and then moves the current line to that buffer. If you press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y the current buffer is first inserted in the document, then removed and the previous buffer is made current.

The kill line feature works as it does in emacs: it deletes the current line starting at the cursor and only includes the end of line (n) if the cursor is at the end of the line. And if you kill a text segment, all lines are saved in the same buffer.

See the homepage for more information and debian package.
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