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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/Maproom/qmapshack

Available as/for: OS-X compatibleSource-CodeWindows Binarygitstable

QMapShack is a consumer grade software to work with data aquired by GPS devices. The data can be displayed on a variety of maps and stored in a database. Additionally new data can be created to plan tours.


Garmin vector maps and *.jnx raster maps
Raster maps supported by GDAL
GEMF raster maps
Online maps (TMS and WTMS (partially))
Display multiple maps in one view
Reproject maps on-the-fly to view's projection
Digital elevation model independent from maps
Hillshading and slope coloring

GIS Data:

100% project oriented data handling
Summarize project by a diary
Support for tracks, routes, waypoints and areas
Support of track point extensions (e.g. heart rate)
Support GPX, SLF, FIT, TCX, SMl, LOG, QLB and QMapShack's own binary format
Simple geocache support
Store projects in a database
Support for multiple databases


Undo/redo history for all items
Track point edit mode to create/change tracks, routes or areas
Cut/copy/combine/reverse tracks
Various filter to enhance tracks
Track point extensions like heart rate, cadence,...
Fine tune track statistics by activities
Colorize track by extension or activity
Create routes and calculate them by Routino (offline), MapQuest (online) or BRouter(online/offline)
Use offline router to draw tracks on-the-fly.

GPS Devices:

Support for newer Garmin devices
Support for TwoNav devices
Project oriented data organization on devices
Synchronize your project with a group of devices attached


License GPL3+
Runs on all *nix systems as well as on Windows and OS X.
GUI has been translated to Czech, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Catalan
Wiki documentation is English
Quickstart guide in English, German and Russian
Needs Qt5.4 or later, GDAL, Proj4, Quazip5 and Routino installed
For device support on Linux DBus and UDisk2 must be installed
Last changelog:

V1.14.1 10 months ago

[QMS-37] Inconsistent use of time zones
[QMS-43] Individual filter for each project
[QMS-49] Add "elevation limit" to DEM to highlight elevation above the limit
[QMS-58] Windows Build and Installer: use PROJ 6.2
[QMS-59] Version information in window title does not contain VERSION_SUFFIX "development"
[QMS-64] Cleanup code in IUnit and subclasses
[QMS-73] Info of a geocache is not correctly shown in Copy Element Window
[QMS-79] Possibility to 'star' Waypoints
[QMS-80] Use ASAN to enhance code quality
[QMS-83] Application Crash
[QMS-89] Geo search hidden after restarting QMapShack
[QMS-100] Avoid whitespaces in project name and keywords
[QMS-108] Integrate Wiki Page as help dialog
[QMS-109] Direct link to geocaching logging page
[QMS-111] Geocaching logging page - only 1 server used
[QMS-116] Filter edit field lost
[QMS-118] Too much whitespace in extended search help window
[QMS-119] Better handling of disabled and archived geocaches
[QMS-125] Missing icon for not available geocache
[QMS-126] Wrong results searching for geocache status
[QMS-122] Windows: support for offline help


11 months ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

from version 1.13.2 the .gpx files saved with Qmapshack cannot be opened with other software, such as Oruxmaps ..
I return "erroneous during loading of the route" Previous versions worked regularly on the same version of Oruxmaps
on windows 10 pro




1 year ago

Please use the issue tracker


And it would help a lot if you provide an example GPX. Of possible one from the working version and one from the current version.



5 years ago

I recently downloaded and tried your software.
Very nice!
I have one problem though:
If I connect my Garmin Edge 1000 it shows up, but I can't access it (im- or export tracks).

It works fine with my Garmin Edge 705.
Is it posssibly to new?




5 years ago

How does it store tracks? Does it use GPX or TCX?

There should be a file GarminDevice.xml on your device. If you send me the file I can tell you a bit more.



5 years ago

Regarding the import, GPX files are still used to get your tracks on the device.
Internally Garmin now saves all its stuff in the FIT format (http://www.thisisant.com/resources/fit)




5 years ago

Ok, than it's "too new".

Probably the best will be someone owning and using such a device donates the code to read those files.



5 years ago

I sent you an email containing a link for the device xml file.
May be it is possible just to get the import working for now.


V1.14.1 10 months ago

[QMS-37] Inconsistent use of time zones
[QMS-43] Individual filter for each project
[QMS-49] Add "elevation limit" to DEM to highlight elevation above the limit
[QMS-58] Windows Build and Installer: use PROJ 6.2
[QMS-59] Version information in window title does not contain VERSION_SUFFIX "development"
[QMS-64] Cleanup code in IUnit and subclasses
[QMS-73] Info of a geocache is not correctly shown in Copy Element Window
[QMS-79] Possibility to 'star' Waypoints
[QMS-80] Use ASAN to enhance code quality
[QMS-83] Application Crash
[QMS-89] Geo search hidden after restarting QMapShack
[QMS-100] Avoid whitespaces in project name and keywords
[QMS-108] Integrate Wiki Page as help dialog
[QMS-109] Direct link to geocaching logging page
[QMS-111] Geocaching logging page - only 1 server used
[QMS-116] Filter edit field lost
[QMS-118] Too much whitespace in extended search help window
[QMS-119] Better handling of disabled and archived geocaches
[QMS-125] Missing icon for not available geocache
[QMS-126] Wrong results searching for geocache status
[QMS-122] Windows: support for offline help

V1.14.0 10 months ago

[QMS-5] App crashes on using the "Change Start Point" filter
[QMS-6] Enhance overview detection for VRT maps
[QMS-8] Incorrect elevation for fit files from GPSMAP 66s
[QMS-12] Unify versions of all QMapShack tools
[QMS-13] Add support for Garmin Edge 500
[QMS-14] Drawing track: Alternate mode O A V T with a simple key with no modifiers
[QMS-18] Improved explanation of 'Date equals'
[QMS-19] Invalid GPX due to `::` in `ql` namespace
[QMS-20] Windows Start Menu - change links from bitbucket to github
[QMS-22] Aviation units: nm for distances and feet for altitude
[QMS-27] Error in workspace search for attributes
[QMS-31] Fix all links to Bitbucket in the code
[QMS-53] Unload Garmin `Archive` when folder is deflated
[QMS-54] Invalid point cannot be deactivated when tracks are read from the navigation device

V 1.13.2 1 year ago

[Issue #446] Advanced Filtering System
[Issue #491] Skip saving of geo search
[Issue #493] "Clone Waypoint and Move Clone" does not Respect Chosen Units
[Issue #488] Printing Preview
[Issue #494] BRouter segments download error
[Issue #499] Screen overflow German localisation on a Notebook with 1.600 x 900 pixel
[Issue #500] Tab order in Filter Cycle dialog is confused
[Issue #498 ] BRouter setup issue (Windows)
Add: Computation of "Energy Use Cycling" (consumption) for cycling tours

V 1.13.1 1 year ago

[Issue #451] Make red border around a highlighted track an option
[Issue #452] Project Details: Add elevation info to entries with track point information.
[Issue #455] Profile Plot: Add option to show waypoint labels along line
[Issue #456] Clean up code regarding track info, attached wpt and hidden flag.
[Issue #460] Missing "Change Map View Name" action in toolbar
[Issue #465] Garmin IMG: Extend Tooltip
[Issue #467] Add activity color to track info and graph
[Issue #469] Reduce width of track detail dialog
[Issue #470] Crash when saving geocache
[Issue #471] Fix background color of textboxes and bubble for dark color themes
[Issue #477] BRouter setup issue (Windows)
[Issue #479] Unnecessary extra tag(s) when saving GPX file
[Issue #480] Graph not appearing when activating it
[Issue #481] Project Details: Add a roadbook with progress graphs
[Issue #466] Geocache detecting duplicates
[Issue #266] Scale on printed maps
[Issue #484] MainWindow slope display does not honor slope unit setting
[Issue #394] Added slope row in ruler table
Trk: Increase desity of arrows for tracks with a high track point frequency
BSD Fix: do not access QStringList.first() if list is empty

V 1.13.0 1 year ago

[Issue #298] Live GPS data
[Issue #430] Add waypoint summary to project details
[Issue #436] Route history is buggy and causes data loss when auto-routing is enabled
[Issue #433] Suppress ascent/descent if wrong
[Issue #438] Partially: Support for PROJ 6.0.0
[Issue #429] Add Geocaching Attributes
[Issue #434] Mega-fancy tour description on screen
[Issue #448] Project Details: Add track points with additional information to lists
[Issue #443] Garmin Map: Fixing elevation marks
[Issue #450] Waypoint: copy coordinate to clipboard

V 1.12.2 2 years ago

V 1.12.2
[Issue #419] Add option to project to receive all newly created items
[Issue #417] Only one line of Geocache description
[Issue #421] Improve "edit" view of Geocaches
[Issue #425] Add option to disable device support
Fix: Garmin IMG: Fix type parser to accept sections with zero size
Fix: Plot: make left click more robust to small mouse moves

V 1.12.1
[Issue #390] Ruler: Add steps for distance and angle
[Issue #393] Some Linux dsitributions do not have planetsplitter but routino-planetsplitter
[Issue #395] Filter "Change Speed" Lacks Start Button
[Issue #399] Add filter line edit to map and DEM list
[Issue #400] Selecting item in workspace does not close screen options.
[Issue #403] Cursor is not changing after selecting activity in a graph
[Issue #404] Wrong value for min/max slope labels when % is selected
[Issue #407] Change name of views
[Issue #408] Export of a database is broken
[Issue #413] Crash when closing waypoint dialog
[Issue #412] Bulk edit waypoint proximities
Editor: Add new templates
TrackFilter: Multi loop cutter
TrackFilter: Remove zero speed drift

V 1.12.0 2 years ago

V 1.12.0
[Issue #334] Database: Moving a folder fails sometimes
[Issue #339] Crash when cutting track in external profile window
[Issue #342] Show links in screen option dialogs for waypoints, tracks, routes, areas
[Issue #346] Add a menu function to replace the elevation value in waypoints for a selection of waypoints.
[Issue #345] TCX: Some symbols get replaced by "Generic"
[Issue #348] Inconsistent menu "Replace elevation by DEM"
[Issue #347] fixed freezing text edit dialog on mac.
[Issue #351] Avoid redundant (Label-) information when drawing Wpt
[Issue #340] Strange window behavior when changing waypoint icons
[Issue #352] Replace QtWebKit by QtWebEngine
[Issue #353] Replace QtScript by QJSEngine
[Issue #343] Display problems after updating QT from 5.10.1 to 5.11.0
[Issue #354] Crash while working with GeoSearch
[issue #355] on BRouter start wait for socket being actualy ready to connect
[Issue #356] QMapShack crashes when closed while BRouter still running
[Issue #338] QMS freezes after installing and selecting BRouter [Windows 10]
[Issue #363] Tracks: Duplicate label for min/max speed
[Issue #366] Plot: Tool tip for additional zoom modes does not show up when zoomed with mouse wheel.
[Issue #367] Trk: Append a list of track points to the invalid trackpoint message box.
[Issue #369] Web Search: Search information about a position in the Web
[Issue #371] QMS hangs when opening GPX file with invalid points
[Issue #372] Unable to get BRouter version
[Issue #373] BRouter server response: connection denied (still occuring)
[Issue #375] Trk Details: Add splitter between track info and tab widget
[Issue #377] Trk: Minimum track width is still too wide
[Issue #378] Add ruler tool for distances.
[Issue #387] VRT Builder: Add line for user defined options.
TwoNav: Fix path for old devices.
TwoNav: Use project name for waypoint file on device.
Trk: Finetune speed filter for cycles
Trk: Add speed filter for mountaineers
Trk: Change coding of activities to allow a larger amount of activities
Garmin: Don't save the <src> element in waypoints when writing to Garmin device
GUI: Unify item selections to use a menu

QMapTool V1.1.0:
Show map layers of JNX export

V 1.11.1 2 years ago

Add: Geo search: Setup for API keys and other login information
Add: Nominatim OSM as search service
Add: Geonames as search service
Add: TwoNav: Read additional data fields hdop, vdop, sat and atemp
Add: Some online sources for DEM.
Add: Replace initial startup text by a short tutorial and add links to Wiki
Fix: Newer TwoNav devices are not found by device watcher
Fix: Avoid connection to MySQL DB when Password dialog is canceled or password is empty.
[Issue #314] VRT Builder can't handle long list of files in Windows
[Issue #315] Improve order of maps in maps tab
[Issue #316] DEM window: list not only .VRT files but also .WCS ones
[Issue #323] Initial offline BRouter tile selection unusable without map background
[Issue #324] FilterReplaceElevation: no indication which view is used as source for DEM data
[Issue #330] Add accumulative search to search item
[Issue #332] Incorrect Elevations when using 'Replace Elevation Data' Filter when Units are set to Imperial
[Issue #328] Use tracks for routing
[Issue #327] ChangeTrackStartpoint - new track filter?
[Issue #280] "Search Google" limitation and possible alternative

QMapTool V1.1.0:
Add: JNX export

V 1.11.0 2 years ago

Add: QMapTool and friends as sub-project
Add: Reverse route
Add: BRoute binding to local address instead of all interfaces
Add: Use track timestamp as arival time for waypoints attached to track
Add: Optional overview generation to vrt builder
Add: Add left button long press action to open menu on canvas
Add: Framework to process and display realtime data
Add: Drop zones to collect items in summary folders of the database
Add: Extend BRouter no-go areas to tracks, routes and areas
Add: Calculate timestamps for tracks depending on the slope for bikes
Fix: Clean up action enabling/disabling for GIS item menus
Fix: Restructure mouse handling to solve some peculiar behavior
[Issue #294] Missing error message in case of wrong map coordinate system
[Issue #305] Nodata value 0 not accepted in VRT
[Issue #289] Add-color-change-for-multiple-tracks

V 1.10.0 3 years ago

Fine tune code for screen gestures.
[Issue #253] Tracksorting in Datawindow somehow random- should be alphabetical
[Issue #254] Selection in Datawindow does not highligt track on map
[Issue #257] Diagram - Zoom: Center of zoom should be the mouse position
[Issue #276] No-go areas in BRouter
[Issue #279] Suunto SML/LOG : wrong start time
[Issue #285] Do not add auto-increment number to waypoint names that have no number as last character
[Issue #284] Read *.qlb from QLandkarte
[Issue #277] Show position of min/max values for track properties like elevation, speed, etc
[Issue #275] Some Suunto sml files do not have <UTC> in first <sample>
[Issue #274] Make visibility of database a toggle option in the menu
[Issue #256] Option to show inclination in % instead of °
[Issue #272] Skip message box when changing an imported item
[Issue #271] Drag'n drop missing - Openambit files
[Issue #263] Reduce size of y label strings in graphs to avoid unintended truncation
[Issue #270] Ask to hide invalid points when loading a GPX file with invalid points.
[Issue #265] Inconsistent timestamp formats?

V 1.9.1 3 years ago

Add: Fullscreen mode
Add: Templates for project documentation
Add: FIT: added support for location file (containing waypoints).
Add: Trk: Add action to set activity for a group of tracks
Add: VRT Builder: Add advanced options (-a_srs -srcndata -vrtndata)
Add: Optional auto save for projects
Add: Trk: Add activity summary to screen option dialog
Add: Prj: Show activity summary for tracks in project details dialog
Fix: VRT: Test for overviews on multi-band maps, too
Fix: FIT: Fixing missing last segment for records that miss the stop event.
Fix: Progress dialog hides other dialogs in certain window managers
Fix: Workaround CCanvas loss of mousetracking due to modal CProgressDialog
Fix: Jump after pinch gesture
[Issue #245] QMS hangs when entering new track name and window sizing in parallel
[Issue #243] Incosistent behavior of "copy to ..." dialog
[Issue #216] "No activity" statistics column missing in diary
[Issue #248] Regularscreen.png vs. RegularScreen.png

V 1.7.1..1.9.0 3 years ago

V 1.9.0
Add: Garmin Maps: Allow external TYP files
Add: Filter items on workspace by string
Add: GPX: Support for Cluetrust extensions
Add: Trk: Add filter to add terrain slope as extension
Fix: Issue with time zone in fit files (Zulu instead of local time zone)
Fix: GeoCaches: Fix regex to find attached images
[Issue #84] Have a floating toolbar with common tools
[Issue #232] Zoom on touchscreen using two fingers is very jumpy
[Issue #226] Display slope under cursor in status bar
[Issue #230] New layout of edit toolbar and POI highlighting
[Issue #229] Failure to add point to track

V 1.8.1
Fix: Various glitches introduced by the new FIT format
Fix: Visual tile artefacts in the DEM layer
[Issue #224] Support pinch-gesture
[Issue #162] Add "keep last version only" function to objects (tracks, etc...)
[Issue #221] Offline BRouter &amp; network access
[Issue #225] BRouter: Renaming tiles fails when updating tiles
[Issue #215] BRouter (offline) issues (Windows)

V 1.8.0
Add: Links to quickstart help
Add: Russian translation
Add: TCX file read and write support
Add: Different cut modes for track cut function
Add: Option for optimized build for local system architecture
Add: Support for BRouter (online/offline)
Add: Enhance reprojection between projections like merc/utm/lcc
[Issue #152] Garmin maps: Alter scale to detail level table
[Issue #189] Fix drawing of range selection in trkptedit mode
[Issue #189] Draw bubble after line to prevent drawing over bubble
[Issue #195] Copy errors in message (file)?
[Issue #198] Logfile encoding
[Issue #201] Provide 'Import GIS data' in database menu
[Issue #204] Option to allow only one QMS instance at one time
[Issue #211] Desired feature: change symbol for multiple selected waypoints
[Issue #213] Adding a Garmin POI as waypoint
[Issue #214] Crash when creating Routino database
[Issue #217] BRouter setup window - not translated string
[Issue #218] CSingleInstanceProxy &amp; Multiuser

V 1.7.2

* Add: Export to GPX V1.1 without extensions
* Add: Copy a track with all attached waypoints.
* Add: Interpolate elevation filter for tracks
* Add: Ctrl+W to close tabs that are not a map view
* Add: Plot: X&amp;Y zoom and drag graph by left mouse button
* Add: Implement filter `Convert SubPoint to Point`
* Add: Database: Export database to folders and GPX files
* Fix: Trk/Prj: Fixed missing update when changing roadbook mode. Disable copy with waypoints when no waypoints attached.
* Fix: Prj: Fix update of project summary when changing the sorting mode
* Fix: Trk: Fix nodata values for elevations applied by filter
* Fix: Garmin: Fix path for devices that use "GARMIN" instead of "Garmin" in their path
* [Issue #168] Invalid GPX 1.1 header?
* [Issue #170] No new project when copying track with waypoints
* [Issue #52] Track/path features in vector maps hidden by track line
* [Issue #171] QMS crashes on "no or bad data"
* [Issue #173] Crash with interpolation preview
* [Issue #175] Invalid timestamps with MapQuest routing?
* [Issue #176] Inconsistent states of diagrams
* [Issue #179] Missing activity color selection
* [Issue #181] Spelling: ascent vs. ascend, descent vs. descend
* [Issue #177] High zoom level when double clicking on waypoint
* [Issue #182] Missing project sorting?
* [Issue #83] Only zoom every 15deg of mousewheel rotation
* [Issue #163] Allow filenames with several '.'
* [Issue #184] Track/Route Edit Mode: Move map with left mouse pressed
* [Issue #117] Implement storing and loading of subpts as subpts

V 1.7.1
* Fix: Compile issue for GCC4

V 1.7.0 4 years ago

* Add: Function to search the database
* Add: Sort items in projects by time or name
* Add: "Copy To..." for projects
* Add: Include waypoint name when creating of a route from waypoints
* Add: Database: Add menu item to copy projects from one folder to another
* Add: Database: Add menu item to move projects from one folder to another
* Fix: No HTML tags for empty strings
* Fix: Checkmark for new folders to prevent deleting data by chance.
* Clean up code for track activities for futur improvements
* [Issue #154]Font size for project description
* [Issue #157] Issue when "Save as" a project from Garmin device
* [Issue #159] File-/Projectnames with dots get truncated
* [Issue #158] QMS incompabilities on different platforms
* [Issue #160] Update of diary after adding a waypoint takes very long time
* [Issue #102] Allow renaming of Groups, Projects, ...

4 years ago

V 1.6.1
* GUI improvements
* Improve render performance of DEM layer
* Fix: Geocache image download
* Fix: OS X: Add planetsplitter
* Fix: Bad elevation data if track is created without DEM data loaded
* Add: item selection via selection rectangle in the map view
* Add: Make combine tracks work over several projects
* Add: Add a waypoint by context menu in plots
* Add: Read FIT segments and other fixes of reading FIT format
* [Issue #109] Implement choosing canvas background color
* [Issue #125] Graph issue : previous graph remain displayed when [nothing] is selected
* [Issue #121] Distance Values Choose Km/m Miles/feet
* [Issue #126] No Printing on Windows

V 1.6.0
* Fix: Toggle key focus of on-screen profile
* Fix: Printing correct unit in a plot's xLabel instead of `distance [%1]`
* Fix: CPlot: Replace hardcoded check for TotalElapsedSeconds() with proper values from the source actually used
* Fix: Avoid div-by-zero in case the distance between two points is 0
* Fix: Precision of plot scale for small values
* Fix: Implemented linear interpolation for drawing zoomed plots correctly
* Fix: Avoid drawing tics outside the plotting area
* Add: Additional extensions created by `MIO Cyclo ver. 4.2`
* Add: Map/DEM: Add move up/move down to context menu as alternative to drag-n-drop
* Add: Support for .slf (Sigma Log Format) files
* Add: Support for .fit (Garmin Fitness Format) files
* Add: (Trk) Filter to split a single track containing several segments into several tracks
* Add: (Trk) Filter to remove extension values
* Add: Support for MySQL database
* Add: Support for accessing the database from multiple instances at the same time
* Add: User info to item history
* Add: (Trk) Setup for line width and arrows
* Add: (Trk) line coloring: local, global, automatic setup of limits
* Add: (Trk) plot limits: local, global, automatic setup of limits
* Add: (Trk) colorize track by activity
* Add: Adventures to Garmin devices. Projects are stored as adventure.
* Add: "Archive" folder for Garmin devices.
* Add: Show/hide action for projects on devices.
* Add: Support GEMF raster maps
* Add: Make custom waypoint symbols path configurable
* Add: Reflect partially loaded projects in the checkbox state
* [Issue #80] Selected segment by select tool diseappears when zoom +- or pan
* [Issue #86] Updating map path when adding new maps
* [Issue #91] undo last change crashes qmapshack when drawing a track or a route
* [Issue #89] *.GPX files are not recognized
* [Issue #100] Show file/server when hovering a database
* [Issue #106] Profil with no or bad data does not open trackdetails
* [Issue #107] Patches for 'original' & 'debugging' typos
* [Issue #108] Use the correct order of extensions for Garmin TPX1
* [Issue #112] correct display of menu entries on OS-X for all languages.
* A lot of lttle GUI fixes bug fixes and other improvements
* Converted code closer to c++11

V 1.5.0
* Add track filter to remove track points with invalid position
* Add options to "cut track" function (keep only first or second, keep both)
* Add Dutch translation (not finished yet)
* Add selection of track properties as source for graphs
* Add colorize track by track point properties
* [Issue #68] Bubbles not moving when moving the map
* [Issue #67] "Save Map Screenshot" does not save grid correctly
* [Issue #69] "light gray" colored tracks are displayed in "dark blue" when imported from GPX file
* [Issue #72] Database/Workspace inconsisteny in QMS 1.4.0
* [Issue #70] Removed maximumSize for comboGrades
* [Issue #19] Map-drag resizes or moves window with KDE 5
* Many little bugfixes, some of them causing random crashes

V 1.4.0
* Export selected map area to image or printer
* Add activity to trackpoints to differentiate track statistic
* Add dialog to setup coord. format
* Add option to send console debug output to a logfile
* Add `Show on/Hide from Map` in context menu of one or more projects
* Add closing the `Track Profile` view via keypress ESC
* Add stepwise aborting of current operation in `Add Track/Route/Area` (similar to using right mouse / button `Abort`)
* Fix: Qt5 internal translations for Linux
* Fix: Line Edit usage hint is not removed on abort
* Fix: OS X, various path issues. (icon path, workspace not saved)
* Map: Fix race conditions in WMTS/TMS map handler
* Map: Add hint for missing SSL library when using WMTS/TMS maps
* Map: Slowdown automatic map panning
* Trk: Fix Douglas-Peuker filter
* Trk: Read & write 3rd party track point extensions
* Trk: extend track point info by extension values
* [Issue #57] Trk: Fix color table for green and gray
* [Issue #59] Not possible to change names of empty projects
* [Issue #60] Tab label is not updated when track name is changed
* [Issue #54] In tracks editor, mouse cursor does not change according to selected tool with keyboard shortcut
* [Issue #64] Install QMapShack icon in hicolor theme too.
* [Issue #65] loading routino XML files fixed (added to bundle and support for OS-X specific directory structure).
* [Issue #61] Add average speed to selected area statistics popup
* [Issue #32] Add arrows to indicate edited track direction

V 1.3.1
* Add OS X support.
* Moved to libRoutiono provided by the offcial Routino release
* Add MapQuest as online routing service
* Add edit details dialog for routes
* Display instructions on highlighted routes.
* Speed up projects with many tracks and waypoints
* Add all tracks summary to project details
* Insert new projects on top of device entries in the workspace
* Fix random crashes due to multi threaded data access
* Add device name to extended item name.
* Add "City" waypoint icons
* Fix race condition when creating new items
* Optimize creating new waypoints in a row
* Add a new progress dialog and fix many problems with displaying progress
* Add routes to project details (diary)
* Avoid crash in project details page when switching the sort mode to fast
* Fix random crash when restoring the workspace
* Fix some crashes due to lack of thread serialization
* Project details: Fix crash on resize and other reentrant problems.
* Fix crash when route on-the-fly
* Waypoint details: Move history to tab
* Track profile: Fix DEM line for units other than metric
* History: Add sanity checks when restored from database.
* Plot: Add zoom for x axis
* Replaced CGetOpts with Qt QCommandLineParser
* [Issue #33] Add a summary table (distance, ascent, descent) when editing tracks
* [Issue #34] First point of edited track does not behave as next ones
* [Issue #35] Routing using Routino : crash when route is too long
* [Issue #37] "Select" tool issue when editing tracks
* [Issue #39] Not possible to change names of objects with no name
* [Issue #31] Add hotkeys for track editor buttons
* [Issue #49] Hide screen option when buttons are pressed.
* And many other small fixes...

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