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ConvertAll is a unit conversion program. Units can be combined with multiplication and division operators and can be squared, cubed, etc. The interface allows the units to be typed or selected from lists and the conversions can be made in both directions. Non-linear units (such as temperatures and gauge sizes) are supported. The unit data file can be easily modified to add additional units.

CnvertAll is based on the PyQt library.
Last changelog:

Release 0.7.5 2 years ago

- Updated the Russian GUI and unit translation (thanks to Ivan / vantu5z).
- Fix the tab sequence to allow tabbing between the unit edit boxes and the numeric edit boxes.


5 years ago

Sorry, but Everything I've used your 'convert all' for has been Wrong.

Nice idea and a very nice UI...

-52 deg C is NOT the same as +52 deg. you can't just change - to + or add a '-' sign.
nor is 1 deg C 1.8 deg F
meters, kn (nautical miles) is not right...

2 out of 3 units wrong, not worth using or trying more...

sorry, because it's a good idea and looks good.
kde 4.14.9 - qt 4.8.6



5 years ago

i couldn't take it..
i shut it down, restarted.
had to give it another try...

Every conversion, that I know the answer to already, I tried...

All were right this time??? Why???

'Third times a charm' ?

Sorry about my previous post. I don't see a way to delete it... Sorry.



11 years ago

Install puts the libs under /usr/lib. Shouldn't they be located under /usr/lib(64)/python/site-packages?





10 years ago

Many other packages also place Python files under the lib directory. The problem with installing to site-packages is that it would be tied to a particular Python version (2.4, 2.5, 2.6, etc.) and would break when Python was upgraded.



16 years ago

I suggest to put USERS for group authority



17 years ago

Maybe it should be a Plug-In for KCalc. This program is very useful, but my menus growing and growing :)



12 years ago

I second that.


Release 0.7.5 2 years ago

- Updated the Russian GUI and unit translation (thanks to Ivan / vantu5z).
- Fix the tab sequence to allow tabbing between the unit edit boxes and the numeric edit boxes.

Release 0.7.2 4 years ago

- Fix a crash due to an overflow error when typing part of an exponent in the denominator of the second unit.<br>
- Avoid flipping the preceding operator between multiplication and division as a unit exponent of 0.5 is typed.

Release 0.7.1 4 years ago

Replaced outdated dependency checks in the Linux installer - it now runs checks for Qt5 libraries.
Fixed a timing issue in the Linux installer so that byte-compiled files do not have old timestamps.

Release 0.7.0 4 years ago

Dual unit lists have been replaced with a single list that works with the active unit line editor.
As a unit is typed, the listing of units is reduced to only include units that match the typed words.
The unit list can be sorted by clicking on the column headings.
The unit list can be filtered to only show units of a certain type.
Simple unit exponents (positive 2 and 3) can be typed with just the number (leaving out the "^" character).
Now permits decimals to be entered for unit exponents, supporting roots of units.
ConvertAll has been ported from the Qt4 to the Qt5 library.
See the home page for more changes.

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