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5 .0

Truevision is a 3D modeler for Gnome and Povray. Truevision is a 3D modeler for Gnome. It is still in developpement, so be carefull and save often. The current version ( 0.5.0 ) can :

* create some objects :
o finite solid primitives : blob, box, sphere, cone, cylinder, torus, heightfield, superellipsoid, lathe, sphere
o finite patch primitive : disc
o infinite solid primitive : plane
o lights : point, cylindrical, spot, area, light groups
o csg operators : union, merge, intersection, difference
o athmospherics : background, skysphere, media, fog
* manipulate them ( rotate, scale, translate ... )
* manipulate and edit the camera.
* render the scene with the multithreaded povray frontend.
* create and edit materials , with preview in editor.
* output the scene to povray .
* save and load scenes, objects, and materials.
* save materials with preview in material library.
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