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asdGB (Automatically set Default Gnome Browser) is a simple bash script that runs in background, checks for opened browsers and sets, depending on your preferences, the default browser of Gnome. This means that when you got just one browser opened your http:// links will be always opened inside that browser, instead of looking for the default one.


I always use epiphany as default browser but when I have to test Javascripts or Css I need to open Firefox. During tests I always close epiphany as I don’t want to waste resources. However, as epiphany is set as my default browser, when i click on links on emails, IM programs, epiphany always shows up. I realized this script to avoid this problem, so that when I got firefox, everything will show up on firefox, when I use opera ecc…


As I said the script is quite simple, it just checks for running processes from a list of known browsers, then choose the one you prefer from your configuration.

Can I?

Yep you can use it and downloading it from here.

Can I [II part]?

Yep you can do everything you want with this script. It’s under GPL v3 licence. This means, do whatever you want but share it as I did.


Installation: Download it from previous link, unpack the bz2, put in on your preferred directory

Running: ./ -h
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