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QtCumber is a free software to transfer files over a peer to peer connection.

A clear tool, which allows you to exchange data between computers in a network or via internet.
The direct connection is always built up with full bandwidth. The data can be cancelled and continued any time.
The program can be extended with plugins and support several languages.

QtCumber is also available for Linux aswell as Windows and compatible with each other.
This is the perfect program to send out and receive a small aswell as an big amount of data.
You simply put the requested data via drag&drop in the main window and the transfer starts immediately.
Easy to handle and quick to use since there is no installation necessary.

The most important points are:

- Direct connection
- Full transfer speed
- Incremental download and upload
- No installation necessary
- No admin rights needed
- Multi language
- Plugin capable
- Operating system independent

Just try it out, you won't regret it!
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