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KDE SC got a new update (4.6.3) to Oxygen icon set where most visible change is the directory (some people calls them as "folders") style and colors.

For my eyes, the new style was too much similar to Mac OS X and GNOME and I wanted now at least to do something for myself about it.

I have not liked the name "Folder" what is used more than "Directory" as "Folder" does not resemble what real folders are.
As there is a clash with Directory - (File) Folder - File when talking about realworld and digital world.
Like how many places multiple file folders inside other file folders?

I like the Dolphin icon what is the filecabin and now I used it as a base for my small customized Oxygen icons.
And I liked the old GEM desktop styled file cabin icons as well.

I did not create new icons for this, just mixed some existing official Oxygen (4.6.2) icons to create new icons mainly for "Places". New "Create new folder" to reflect the new style.

What are on screenshot are just few what I have made to myself.
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