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Just listen to music.
The more you listen to music, the higher the score goes. The default score depends on the playcount and on how long you listened to the song. This script determines the relevance of the current listening by the Volume of amaroK and KMix. The score rises more when the Volume is at it's maximum. It doesn't change at all when it is muted.

You must have scores enabled to use this script, otherwise, who knows what could happen. It might possibly cause the third worldwar, and it would be all your fault. You have been warned

If you have any issues with the scoring, either shoot me an email
or try and fix it first, then email me.
I don't guarantee anything, ever.

If it ruins your entire library, steals your girlfriend/boyfriend, maxes out your credit card, or something similar...sorry
Last changelog:

12 years ago

0.9 Changed the calculation
The volume was way to mighty.

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12 years ago

0.9 Changed the calculation
The volume was way to mighty.

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