Analog Clock Screensaver for Ubuntu 14.04


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Analog Clock Screensaver
for Ubuntu 14.04 (and maybe newer)

I always missed Analog Clock Screensaver such as kclock from Kubuntu.

Binary pakackage known as "anclock" ver. 1.0.1 previously owned by PT2K
could be found here:
Now it is unavailable so I uploaded it to GoogleDrive:

Although this package contains .xml and .desktop, they were totally unusable for me in Ubuntu 14.04, so I decided to write it on my own.

Both anclock.desktop and anclock.xml are included here with binary anclock from the package above.

Installation instructions:

BE AWARE that this destroys previously installed "abstractile" screensaver. If you want it back you'll have to reinstall xscreensaver-data package using for example synaptic. Or make backup of these three files from commands below.

I don't know why but simply copying files to appropriate directories of xscreensaver does not take effect!
So I simply renamed those three files as "abstractile" and replaced that screensaver with "anclock" using these commands in terminal, where have files uncompressed, as root:

$ cp anclock.desktop /usr/share/applications/screensavers/abstractile.desktop
$ cp anclock.xml /usr/share/xscreensaver/config/abstractile.xml
$ cp anclock /usr/lib/xscreensaver/abstractile

or you can simply run included bash script "copy_files".

Uploaded new; this work originally was on but for unknown reason to me disappeared.
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