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This theme is a spin from an earlier theme I created. Works with Gnome3.26. Most unique quality of this work is the fact gtk.css all done in less than 500 lines. For those that use tablets and laptops are hopefully going to benefit from this. Load time is pretty quick. Even for those that do not like the looks, it is wide open for change. This means anyone wanting to design their own themes does not have to piddle(search) through thousands of lines to make it the way they want it. I will produce more of these types to keep my looks alive. My hope is only that everyone enjoys them in one way or another. This theme was written on a Asus Transformer T102-CH. So is where it picked some of its name. Of course it does the same on backdrops. Totally transforms as can be seen in pictures. I plan to update to current Gnome3.26 with all themes that I have created. I ask that all be patient as this is very time consuming. If you can't appreciate the looks, you may just find the gtk.css easily adaptable to what you want to make it. Simply put, less lines more action.


3 years ago

At last a non-flat theme! I hate flat themes, sorry; they're awful; I don't likde gtk3 flat style; I don't like kde qt5 flat style; I don't like flat icons, they are always the same!
It's my opinion, anyway. I know anyone can be right with me, but I give my opinion. Linux is being like windows every time more!




3 years ago

For an awesome comment like that, sure inspires me to keep working away! 4 years ago when I started building themes, I wanted to show everyone, there is a major difference between Linux and Windows. I honestly, do not look at any flat themes for more than an hour. Why? I had 10 years of looking at Windows and its bland look. I want something I can be proud of and enjoy. This theme is a start of all my olds ones coming back and of course all will have the raised looks they are known for. Gnome has changed drastically and I have not had the time to keep up with the change due to work. Well, now I know I must re-learn some new lines as to recreate all the themes. Even if there is only one person out there that enjoys my themes, it is well worth the time. Of course, I also have to fix all of them so I can easily update to future Ubuntu's. As of 17.04, all of my themes were trashed and do not function worth a plug nickel. So you better believe I am bummed for myself and everyone out there and will not rest until all are replaced and working as they should. So once again thanks very much as it keeps me inspired to get these all fixed for all devices, whether small or large.


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