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I know this is not directly KDE related but I wanted your guys opinions on the quality of my work and some issues related. Hopefully I can get enough togeather to make a quality action adventure game specificly for Linux. This example is drawn with Blender's game engine using a NVidia GeForce MX 4000 (128Mb deticated, unknown Mhz on the chip) with 2x AA enabled. While I havent yet been able to get the transparency to work correctly (for 3d standing fur) It has been usefull for testing out diffrent ways to unwrap textures and make the seams as minimal as possable. This one is cut into seven major sections and placed on a single 1024x1024 .png file ready for future transparency add ons later. Im working daily on my characters, For tha game at this point I can only claim its an inflated hobby project. If I dont go crazy of give up this might just happen! ;p

This character is not really involved in the story but its a new start after making some of the main characters with moderate sucess. Hopefully I can find good (and must be repeatable) technoque for texturing my characters. My models however are coming along very nice this one being around 4090 triangle faces my main character has nearly 7200 faces and around 9600 faces with weapons and extras on. While this may push most systems now it should be more economical as power contenues to grow.

When I get my new system up and running here soon (Quadro based) I should be able to really get into the more Hi-detail models. Id like to make a set of themes for Amarok and K3B using Blender/Yafray and 1Mil+ triangle models amed at photorealisem. Can't wait!

Hopefully my work will get the gaming industry (or any doubter for thar matter) to take Linux seriously as a useful platform and them maybe they'll start making cutting edge games for us instead of just MS windows users. Though we can to help a little... Like make a universal open source utility/build tool that can do for Linux what Direct X has done for windows! I am an artist/hobbyest and have no idea how to make that happen though. But I can at least provide that little spark that gets it going.
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13 years ago

Still in \"idea phase\"


13 years ago

can't wait your game, thanks for your time!!


13 years ago

Still in \"idea phase\"

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