Star Trek like Bootsplash (1280x1024)

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5 .0

A Star Trek (LCARS) like boot splash I made with inkscape. I hope you like it.

Also see the other stuff I made around LCARS and more.

Special thanks to C. Möller ( for the wormhole picture and the enterprise made by Kenny Z.

ATTENTION: It does not work for me till now. I did not find the error, so I thought, that I post the files here and maybe one can find out how it works.

I think, I did everything right:
1) I created the right files (config/images) in the right resolution and color depth (8bit).
2) I set the kernel bootoption "splash=silent vga=755".
3) I changed /etc/sysconfig/bootsplash.
4) I started mkinitrd.

The sceen takes the right resolution, but the images are not shown, either in silent or verbose mode.

Please help me or post a message, if it works for you.
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