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Museeks music player has just snagged its first update in almost a year.

But like the sophomore follow-up to a platinum best-seller (Museeks has been downloaded over 20,000 times), the app is back, hoping to impress.

If you’ve not head of Museeks before then you’re in for a treat. The app is open source, it’s classy and well design, it’s cross-platform, and …Oh, okay. I’ll stop stalling: it’s built with Electron.

For some, Museek’s use of Electron will be a deal breaker. Others (myself among them) care less about the codebase and more about whether the app is any good at what is does.

And, I’m pleased to say, Museeks is very good at what it does (which is playing music, incase that bit passed you by).

Did the world “need” another music player? No, just as I didn’t really “need” another pair of Vans shoes. And yet here I am, writing a post about yet-another-music-player while rocking some comfy size 7s

Museeks 0.9.0 is iterative update that brings a welcome batch of small improvements:

Column sorting asce/desc
Improved macOS integration
Better CPU usage
Custom scroll bar
Improved native notifications
Playlist tweaks
Updated Electron, V8 and Node.js
Code refinements
These changes are on-top of the player’s existing feature set, which includes native window borders, MPRIS support, native notifications, dark theme, and more.

Museeks can handle most major music formats, including MP3, M4A, OGG and FLAC.
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