CopperDeck EX GTK3.22/24/26 compliant XFCE4 Theme Pack


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

7 .0

This is for XFCE desktops using XFCE 4.12 or 4.14 and gtk 3.22/3.24 3.26...
A Gnome Version is Coming Soon.----Arrived:

PLEASE NOTE: The Applications Menu you see in the screenshots is a Custom Rig that pretty much only works on my computer. It is built with Graeme Gotts WhiskerMenu version 1.5 and Python. It is not included in this package.

UPDATE: Patched for gap under headerbar.
I am not a Professional that works for Canonical or anything. I am a mechanic that switched to Linux in still (barely) under a year ago (as of Dec 8 2019).
I am learning. But sometimes, I learn how dumb I can be. I have figured out a nominal way of more or less framing in the gtkbox on most windows. The Downloadable file Now Reflects this so if you downloaded this prior to Dec8 2019, you do not have this update.

Inspired by Treetogs CopperDeck II theme for Windowblinds and JamesHardy88's port of it to Gnome;
This theme is modified in a few ways. Certain modifications had to be made to accommodate the GTK3 theme engine, as well as GTK 3's taller headerbar,
It is true that I can write into the gtk.css to modify the headerbar height (Not applicable in later gtk versions), however, that is not universal and may mess up some peoples screens. It is better to modify the theme, than to modify your settings.

Link to Firefox Theme:

--So, this has a Closed Top on the top border rather than the Original Copperdecks Open Top design. I DID make an open top design, as well and if you like, you may ask for screenshots. I do not plan to upload it any time soon- however, if you would like to see it, prefer the screenshots version to this download, I can send it to you.
I modified the XFWM4 theme within for XFCE desktops to match the GTK3 version for uniformity. If you prefer the design more closely related to the Original, you can grab that here:
--This includes a Slightly Modified version of the Icons also listed on my page.
--The other Modification is just one I tend to like and always do: Inactive windows "Close their eyes." This makes it easy to spot, immediately, which window you are working in and differentiate it from those that are not. Which is why all background windows in the screenshots have gray colored titlebuttons.
I was planning to link to the Cursor ported or provided by Atilla:
However, I get a 505 gateway error when I test the download. Since 2009... It MAY work on another date, so you may try it... But I got fed up and made a cursor theme which is included in this package.
From the readme file:
"I found that I prefered the "Invisible" menu Icons on the top left corner of window borders for this theme. It looks cleaner and more crisp.
However, some may prefer to see the Icons for the contents of the open window on the upper left menu.
If you prefer the Visible Menu Icons, please use the two images to the left of this document within this folder labeled "menu-active.xpm" and "menu-inactive.xpm."

To use:
Copy the existing "menu-active.xpm" and "menu-inactive.xpm" images and move them to a Safe Location outside of these folders (This is incase you decide you liked that look better, after-all, and want to put them back in).
Copy the "menu-active.xpm" and "menu-inactive.xpm that are in the same folder as this document. Place them in the xfwm folder. Restart your window border using the XFWM4 window manager.

Also in this colder is "left-inactive.xpm" and "right-inactive.xpm".
I modified the inactive window to be solid on the side borders instead of the Orange Tubing. The two copies in this folder are the originals and you may replace as desired."

Just 'cause... I crafted some more wallpapers more tuned to todays monitor resolution. They don't look much like the original... But close enough. I like the cleaner look of them. I set them in a Separate download above as "CopperDeckWP" for wallpapers. 1440x990 and 1366x768.

Extract contents of package to your Downloads folder.
Extract the CopperDeckCursor.tar.gz in your ~/.icons Folder and navigate to your settings or tweak tool to apply.
Extract the CoperDEckEX.tar.gz to your usr/share/themes folder with Root Privileges (OR to ~/.themes) and apply with your tweak tool or settings.
Extract CopperDeckEX-icons.tar.gz to your ~/.icons folder. Apply with superglue and ducktape.

Please Report Bugs or problems! So far, no one ever has unless I directly messaged them and asked. I find most issues with repeated testing but I do not keep testing forever.
So, if you find a major glitch, please do speak up. or in the comments below...

"Have you thought about making this in a different color than Orange?" ---- I have definitely thought about it... Like... Blue... but then it wouldn't be CopperDeck. Opinion? Comment down below...
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voting up your work and talent :)




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Thanks Krig. The original is by TreeTog for the Other Operating System and was originally ported to Linux (Old Gnome, back when Gnome was good) by JamesHardy88, Technoshaun and others.
This was my effort at bringing it up to speed for newer Desktop Environments. I don't know about talent... I have done this with several themes to teach myself and to develop more independence in my own desktop look, whichever desktop I use at a moment. The design and most of the imagery is original to the Original Authors with only necessary modifications to conform to GTK3. I have not been doing much with themes lately, as I focus on work and other projects (Mostly automotive and mechanical) and by the time I sit down at a computer to do Computer work, I will probably have forgotten the css I learned in doing these :D




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10 the best voting up your work and talent :)
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