Azenis XFM Purple Window Border


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


UPDATE: This is an Improved version from my Original AzenisXFM I uploaded. I repositioned the titlebuttons and I made the entire border slightly larger and more bold. It more closely resembles the original Metacity border theme, but with more "ergonomic spacing."
I have recently discovered PCMan's "gtk-nocsd" product. You can read here:
It is available in repositories and can be installed from terminal.
What This Does: It disables gtkClientSideDecoration on apps that use it, allowing the Window Manager to do so.
------------Given the current trend and the news that XFCE 4.16 will fully switch to CSD (Becoming like Gnome 3) and will remove XFWM4 (No more XFCE Window manager which is why many of us switched to XFCE desktop in the first place) - It is very important to let the developers know whether you disagree with this decision. (I have done so- Loudly.)
Currently, the developers do not seem to be listening. Rather, they feel they should explain to us, the users, why what they want for us (and themselves) is what we should want, too.
If you disagree with XFCE removing XFWM and replacing it with GNome 3 CSD, please use the links and Be Heard.

Many years ago, J.J. Ying created the Azenis theme for Windowblinds.
The theme was first ported to KDE by Ezy (Our heartfelt thanks), many years ago.
JamesHardy88 ported a version for Gnome2, by adapting the original artwork to fit. Jameshardy88 and TechnoShaun supplied many great themes, tweaks and customization including Azenis.
The Port used "The Preface" icons by dar0ckx.

JamesHardy88 also had offered a Red Color variant of the theme.

In 2019, I finally came to my senses and became a Linux user, through Zorin OS. Searching themes for my new OS, I came across an ancient primitive theme called Azenis. Instantly, I knew I wanted the Azenis theme; it was love at first sight. Sadly, Gnome3 has no Azenis theme available. I am currently working on that project in hopes of making it happen. I have a current gtk3 version that lacks the Azenis Titlebar. It requires Compiz with Emerald for that portion (If anyone can help with the window borders, feel free to speak up...)
In the meantime, Yantar put forth an XFCE window decoration based on JamesHardy88's work. This is based on Yantars contribution. Using it on a tablet edition PC, I discovered one flaw with Azenis. The titlebar buttons are too close together, making it easy to miss your target.
I modded this to extend the buttons out, allowing for better accuracy with those of us who didn't learn from the cheerio in the commode bowl, too well.
In this package you will find one AzenisXF Red folder that contains the Original (not stretched) titlebutton layout in Red Color. I notice that there is currently no offered Azenis Red for Xfce. Well, now there is.
Also included is one Azenis XFM Red in modified (Stretched) titlebutton layout. This stretched layout moves the buttons further apart making them easier to hit and less likely to hit the wrong button by mistake. Choose which you want (Or both) and move it to /usr/share/themes or to ~/.local/share/themes and then select with your window manager.
You can find Azenis XFM Blue here:
You can find AzenisXF (By Yantar) here:
Labeled as Azenis XFM for Yantar's AzenisXF-Modified.
Azenis theme was created by GUI designer J.J.Ying
Source: Azenis metacity theme created by jameshardy88
AzenisXF by Yantar

Font in images is D3Euronism by Digital Dream Design.

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