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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


UPDATE: among some of us, we casually referred to the Cinnamon Menu as 'cinnamenu'. I just learned that there is, in fact, a separate menu named "Cinnamenu." And, This Theme Does Not Work On It.
I am correcting this listing to reflect that this for Cinnamon Menu _NOT Cinnamenu.
UPDATE AGAIN: I have now created a patch, if you will, for this not working right on Cinnamenu. The problem, if it can be called that, is that the cinnamenu style class was set simply to "menu" instead of cinnamenu, causing the additional entries to the .css to not affect cinnamenu differently from any other menu. I changed this in the cinnamenu applet.js and that now works.
IF YOU ARE USING CINNAMENU or Want to use Cinnamenu with this theme, you MUST move the file "applet.js" into
I am including that applet.js here. If you prefer, you can merely edit your existing one. Navigate the path above to the applet.js. Open it in a text editor. Search for "menu-background" and change that to "cinnamenu-background" and save and exit. Reload the theme.

Starting out with undoubtedly my Laziest Screenshot Ever.
First image: Cinnamon menu and Stark Menu
Second Image: Mate-Menu
Third, forth,Fifth: All the settings for each

UPDATE: Fixed Favorites Button Color - Sorry it took me a while to notice-- I have it turned off in the settings.

INSTALLATION: Right click the menu and select configure. Choose "Use Custom Icon" and select the "Mint-Menu-Icon" from this themes Cinnamon folder in order to get a transparency to make the App Menu Button work properly.
Install in ~.themes

And Theme. This was a 20minute Slap Together.
If you ever used (Or if you are like me and it was before your time, but you have seen archived images of...) the ol' Azenis (2) GnoMenu
If you have seen or used my Azenis WhiskerMenu theme...
Then this posting will make more sense. I wanted to emulate that in Cinnamon - Which is not so easy, by the way.
In the end, I had to use Specific Settings (Right Click your Cinnamenu or Stark Menu > Configure) in order to get the basic appearance and performance.
This is for those that Miss the Ol days. Or something.

THIS IS THE CINNAMON DESKTOP THEME ONLY- This is a Revamp of the cinnamenu and Stark from my earliest attempt. You can find the full theme with gtk3, metacity, etc. Here:
The icons you see being used are some sloppy lousy set made by some amateur on the internet here:

I am including what those settings are- being used on >Cinnamon 4.0
If you use Different Settings- this will probably look like crap.
I already made an Azenis..ish... Cinnamon theme that is designed with Universal Settings In Mind.
This is for Specific Settings and I pretty much made this for me and my use... BUT... Maybe others would like to use it, too and are fine with the Minimalist settings used.
I have two monitors (Don't get excited, the secondary monitor was free because it was broken but I fixed that puppy) and so I have the Cinnamenu on Primary Monitor and the StarkMenu on the secondary.
CinnaMenu Configuration and Stark Menu configuration are all the Remaining Pictures in this listing.
Please look them over carefully to emulate the Theme Look.

For the Big Icons:
Scroll down to about line 26 and start looking for :
const MAX_FAV_ICON_SIZE = 22;
Those 22 (or 16 or whatever) sizes can be changed to a reasonable preferred size. Probably better to stay under 64... Mine are set to
const MAX_FAV_ICON_SIZE = 32;
Save and exit- then log out and log in to see changes.
For Stark Menu:
Look around line 34 - Same thing as above with the Cinnamenu


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