Azenis-Light Cinnamon Mate incl Azenis2-EX icons Mod

Cinnamon Themes

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


This is a LIGHT theme ( A first for me...) based off of my other Dark theme here:
On that page, you can read the full history.

Suffice to say, I figured if I made a very dark theme, for those that like very Light themes, I should supply one. Plus, try to improve my skills at making light themes (Personal bias- I like dark themes.)
Azenis based off of J.J. Yings Azenis 2:
As you can see, I sought to align this port to more closely resemble Jun Jui Yings Original winner of the 06 GUI Championships.
UPDATE: Fixed error with gtk2 tabs being swapped with AzenisBlack
This is built for systems using gtk3-nocsd, but it will work on CSD versions. I will make a full CSD theme at a later date.

NOTE: For those having any contrast issues on FIREFOX with some webpages, this is a known issue that FF likes to sit on. A helpful user created an extension to resolve such issues:

Extract AzenisLight.tar.gz to /usr/share/themes using your file manager elevated to root with pkexec command
Or from terminal:
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xzf AzenisLight.tar.gz -C /usr/share/themes

Or extract to your ~/.themes folder (Though any root apps will not be themed, like Synaptic)

Icons Installation:
Extract Azenis2-EX-Icons.tar.gz to /usr/share/icons

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xzf Azenis2-EX-Icons.tar.gz -C /usr/share/icons

Or extract to your ~/.icons folder (Though this will mean many icons will be ignored by the system including many symbolic icons)

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not really use Light Themes so I will probably not be testing this over the coming months lest my eyeballs catch on fire. So if you notice contrast issues or problems, PLEASE REPORT THEM SO I CAN FIX THEM. Other users are counting on you...


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