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This is my first contribution for the community. I've made cursors because a long time ago (whole years) I've used such a nice cursors on windows 95. They were called Color Wave. You still can find them if you put google to CWNORMAL.ANI CWTEXT.ANI, etc. They are originally designed for a very limited windows set, by somebody, so I did some new shapes for X11, but not all. You can still see that some are missing, but they are rarely used.

The idea is to show availability by color: green is normal, yellow is background working, red is busy and green with blinking red sign is not available at the moment. Internet and links are blue (this is new addition), and other typical shapes are just obvious (and they are green). Cursor is made without any shadow, so if you want shadow, try to enable it in X11 configuration.

Also, this cursor is rather big, so better use it on big monitors with high resolution. Its dimensions are 64x64 pixels. It took a day or two to make them, with gimp and xmc plugin. All of them were painted entirely from scratch, using original Color Wave windows cursors as a reference. For that reason I decided to make them bigger.

I hope some of you will give it a try and kindly point me out what's worth to improve. I'm using these cursors on each my machine in many places, so, they are working! Enjoy! :)

Installation: just open standard KDE settings window, find Mouse and in Cursor Theme tab select Install New Theme, then point the file with tar.gz. It would work. For gnome there is similar way, but you can also install it by hand: just make a ~/.icons dir in your home, and copy entire dir with cursors there. In order to see cursors, you can make a link in .icons dir:
cd ~/.icons
tar zxvf piotao-cw-64x64.tar.gz
ln -s piotao default

(this will work only if you don't have any other default dir with cursor theme).
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10 years ago

20100422 - first public release and first my release at all :)

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10 years ago

20100422 - first public release and first my release at all :)

product-maker janet Nov 24 2010 9 excellent
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