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Aarti Ale

Fonts by aarti2
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linux unix
5 .0
Mar 10 2010


Fonts by west
Font from Xmas Pushpin Theme and from Summer Pushpin Theme
linux unix
8 .0
Mar 05 2010

Osho OTF/TTF Hindi Font (GPL)

Fonts by maarizwan
Osho.ttf is based on Gurumaa.ttf (GPL). It looks very good with AntiAlias enabled in KDE, OpenOffice and in PDF too. Print quality is just amazing! Please report any troubles with the font to "fast DOT rizwaan AT gmail DOT com" licence: gpl2, gpl3, free to modify and redistribute;...
linux unix
5 .8
Feb 09 2010

Fun Fonts

Fonts by SeanParsons
You want a lot of fun new fonts without sorting through the 6,760 fonts available at ? No problem myself and a couple of others offered lists of their favorites. They’ve been combined and now the list is down to a much more manageable...
linux unix
5 .8
Jan 14 2010

6,760 Fonts

Fonts by SeanParsons
The Absolute Fonts Archive created a page that will let you download many fonts one at a time, or for a fee you can download them all as a zip file. Upon careful inspection of their site I found a multitude of corrupted font files. After removing all the corrupted files I was left with 6,760...
linux unix
4 .8
Jan 14 2010

Letras Locas

Fonts by huakalero
linux unix
5 .0
Nov 28 2009

Comunicacion Digital.ttf

Fonts by taf
linux unix
5 .0
Oct 11 2009

SchoolBoy Text [updated]

Fonts by simunic
This is a TrueType Font made by Ctalk ([url][/url]) and edited by me under the CC Licence. For installing, the easiest way is pasting this file in /usr/share/fonts/truetype I'm working on it to add missing...
linux unix
6 .3
Aug 31 2009

Croatian Glagoljica

Fonts by QeHaDIbah
linux unix
4 .6
Aug 12 2009
5 .6
Jun 18 2009