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Ruji's Handwriting Font

This is version 1.0 of Ruji's Handwriting Font, based on the handwriting of Ruji Chapnik (a.k.a. Ruji C.). It has been used in the Don Depresso webcomic ( and printed comic books. For more information, visit
linux unix
7 .0
Aug 20 2013

Sadhguru Hindi Unicode Font - v1.8

Fonts by maarizwan
This font is designed and meant for Linux. * to make fonts look awsome in Linux, use "freetype infinality"
linux unix
6 .7
May 20 2013

RichStyle Font

Fonts by anasr
RichStyle font is an implementation of the new icons and symbols added in Unicode 6.0 specifications. It mainly covers icons required for web pages. It was developed for RichStyle project. It includes: - Icons from The Noun Project. - Icons of popular social media (Facebook, Twitter,...
linux unix
3 .8
Jan 04 2013


Fonts by gluk
Test my font Yokawerad and OpenType features at my Font Preview: Enjoy!
linux unix
7 .3
Nov 13 2012


Fonts by gluk
Foglihten Black PetiteCaps (Latin + Cyrillic)
linux unix
6 .5
Nov 13 2012

Gurumaa Hindi Unicode Font (GPL)

Fonts by maarizwan
Gurumaa Font is a 'Sans' font for Hindi/Devanagari text just like Liberation Sans is for English/Latin text. Please use infinality patch and Slight RGB hinting with in Linux. This font is designed and meant for Linux. license: gpl3 + font exception, free to modify and redistribute.
linux unix
5 .8
May 28 2012

Nithyananda Hindi Unicode Font (GPL)

Fonts by maarizwan
Nithyanada font is a serif like font for Hindi language. The font is very similar to the standard hindi book and magazine text. This font is designed and meant for Linux. * to make fonts look awsome in Linux, use "freetype infinality" See 3rd...
linux unix
7 .4
May 27 2012

Tamsyn Font 1.9

Fonts by marcaemus
This is not my own work rather a link to a new terminal font that's caught my attention. It has the legibility of Terminus but a more humanist character and almost strikes me as a bitmap version of DejaVu Mono. Updated to 1.8 December 21. Updated to 1.9 May 13.
linux unix
8 .4
May 12 2012

Serdar Karaman Ubuntu Wallpapers

Fonts by tanra
4 ubuntu wallpaper made by serdar karaman
linux unix
6 .7
Mar 20 2012


Fonts by gluk
SansSerif Font­fam­ily Resagokr: Regular, Light and Bold (latin + cyrillic)
linux unix
7 .7
Feb 23 2012