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GTK3 Themes by satya164 55 comments

How about you just let them do their thing, huh. As you yourself said, almost all themes are free.

For not-a-noob you certainly seem to think that distro dev teams live on air and get paid nothing, from the way you wrote your comment.

People do what they love and some of them want to get paid for that. For one of the best themes on gnome-look, one that looks like is actually designed, not just put together and outdated by 10 years, I think it's not TOO much to ask for money.

But I do think it's TOO MUCH to come and shout at them for having audacity of asking for cash for their hard work. You basically told them they should OBVIOUSLY publish for free. How nice of you, eh. - Mar 27 2016
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9   Mar 26 2016