GTK3 Themes by elbullazul 177 comments

Greetings. Nice theme. Just one thing stops me to use it as default, cant find matching xfwm theme. Do you planing to make one? - Jan 10 2017

GTK3 Themes by LinxGem33 168 comments

Thanks for the answer.
Yes I knew that, althoug its not perfect solution (dark highlights in taskbar and workspace switcher). Do you maybe planing to make it default white? - Jan 10 2017

GTK3 Themes by LinxGem33 168 comments

Hi. This is really great theme. Keep with good work.
Just to ask, when i use OSX-Arc-White, i have dark panel. Is that how it should be? Using XFCE. - Jan 10 2017
Elementary GTK Icon Pack

Full Icon Themes by cybercop 11 comments

Hi. This is really great icon pack. Keep with the good work.
Do you maybe planning to change colored toolbar icons with monochrome, like in Xubuntu? - Dec 16 2016
Revival Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by steftrikia 29 comments

Greetings. First to say that this is beautiful icon theme. Fits well with zukitwo gtk theme. Thanks and keep with the good work.
Just to mention that volume icon in systray is missing. I haven't seen that someone is complaining about that. Maybe it's just the case on my PC ( Manjaro XFCE).
Also playback icons in deadbeef are from numix-icons and they are bit ugly, so can you please change them.
Also some icons request:
Palemoon, Stellarium, Hedgewars, ScummVM, Wesnoth, OpenRA, FBReader.
Thanks in advance. - May 25 2016

Full Icon Themes by vinceliuice 44 comments

Great job. Can you change volume tray icon in Emerald-dark to be like the one in Emerald. Currently looks like WiFi tray icon. - Jul 17 2015