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Beryl/Emerald Themes by garthecho 5 comments

I've put my comment on the DeviantArt page. Hopefully someone can port the widgets from QtCurve to GTK as well - based on the screenshots then they could be a good alternative to my Sonar widgets. - Nov 12 2010
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Beryl/Emerald Themes by garthecho 5 comments

Very nice. This is one of the first themes that I've actually downloaded and then gone on to use in a long time. Too many themes (GTK and Metacity or Emerald) have bugs, Ubuntu dependencies and things I don't like, so I end up back with Sonar and my Overglass Mod windows, but this is nice, clean, crisp and compact. Thanks for porting :) - Nov 10 2010

Wallpapers Ubuntu by virus69 8 comments

I agree - I like the purple and the penguins, but I don't use Ubuntu (and even if I did then I wouldn't slap the Ubuntu logo all over it) so an unbranded version would be great. - Aug 22 2010
notify-osd -- openSUSE 11.3

Various Gnome Stuff by ketheriel 13 comments

It's not that buttons don't work, it's that it is intended to be ever so slightly different (i.e. only for notifications) and so they have no plans of ever putting buttons on. At least that's what I read. Besides, its behaviour of going transparent and not accepting clicks so that it doesn't get in your way would kinda interfere with the whole button thing ;) So far I've not missed the lack of buttons. - Aug 20 2010
notify-osd -- openSUSE 11.3

Various Gnome Stuff by ketheriel 13 comments

It'll replace the ugly standard rectangle in the corner with a rounded rectangle that can be in the top, middle or bottom on the right (I think that was all it supported) that can't and won't support buttons and which won't stack, but which will become transparent and not interfere with mouse clicks when you hover over it.

I've been using it for ages from one of the openSUSE Build Service repos (a semi-official XFCE one) and it has an issue with quick refreshes, but is generally an improvement over the default and I don't miss the lack of buttons. - Aug 20 2010
Murrina HTC Android

GTK2 Themes by MadnessMike 4 comments

I quite like the greys while keeping the pale lists and text boxes, but it'd be good if the selection colour applied to the theme rather than always having such a vibrant green (I know the green *is* Android, but I don't like my eyes to burn ;) ) - Aug 17 2010

GTK2 Themes by monkeybus 17 comments

Thanks for the pointer. Call me paranoid, but I don't want to install software from somewhere like the Gnome-Look website. If it is in a known repo then it should be safe, but I'm always wary of other sources.

More important, though, is whether it actually needs the newer engine. I know people develop against what they have available, but I always checked my GTK# work to make sure it was compatible with older versions of GTK# so that a wider range of people could use it. If you need a feature of the newer engine then it is unavoidable, but it isn't always the case.

Thanks for putting the work into a theme. - Jul 02 2010

GTK2 Themes by monkeybus 17 comments

Gah, another theme that looks interesting but which won't work on Fedora 11 (which is only 1 year old).

Can people please say which version of which engines there theme is written for and try to put the requirements as low as possible so that they aren't just working against whatever cutting-edge engine they have (even if they don't need to)?

Thanks. - Jul 02 2010
Simply Basic

GTK2 Themes by LordPickle 27 comments

Yeah, I agree. I liked Fedora for being cutting edge, then it fell behind on the Mono front. I moved to openSUSE and I like it, and I never got on well with Ubuntu, so it is annoying when a reasonably modern distro (12-18 months old by now and approaching a new release) can't use a theme just because someone set high requirements that might not be necessary. I'm all for getting people into FOSS/Linux, but the whole "only Ubuntu" thing is a bit much.

You never know, maybe it'll work once I upgrade my work machine to Fedora 13 or my home machine to openSUSE 11.3. - Jun 28 2010
Simply Basic

GTK2 Themes by LordPickle 27 comments

I'm using Fedora, not Debian - I've had GTK2 for years or more ;) It's generally a problem that's caused when the selected theme (e.g. this one) requires an unsupported engine. Unfortunately people end up either not saying or saying they need whatever latest version they can get from an Ubuntu PPA, even if they don't need to. - Jun 28 2010
Simply Basic

GTK2 Themes by LordPickle 27 comments

As with a lot of themes I keep finding, it looks promising as a replacement for Sonar on my desktop, but it won't work on Fedora 11. All I get are boxy Win95-style buttons for an unsupported theme.

It's a work machine, so I can't update to Fedora 13 too easily and people seem to keep using new GTK engines without warning people that it won't work with older machines :( - Jun 25 2010
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Conky by subverted 6 comments

1) There's socialism and there's Communism - the two are generally different in their degrees
2) Many Capitalists will quite happily use free software since it is free and leaves more profit for them. They won't contribute back since they don't gain a financial profit from it, but they will use whatever means they can to increase their profits and reduce their costs. - Apr 21 2010
Overkill (Overglass Mod (Mod))

Beryl/Emerald Themes by BigFatTony 4 comments

I was just about to release a new version of Overglass Mod to fix up some minor issues (caused by the negative spacing) and noticed you'd modded my modded texture :)

Not quite my style as I like the icons (which I'm putting back) and don't use "keep above", but it looks good :) - Aug 14 2009
Acrane grunge transparent

Wallpaper Other by Ginlemon 4 comments

It's a nice desktop and it works quite well with a dark to light horizontal gradient, but if it isn't your work then you shouldn't modify and redistribute it without permission.

If you do have permission then you should probably update the file with a readme and put up an appropriate license. - May 29 2009

Nautilus Scripts by Thura 62 comments

I'd ignore him. The script is a good idea.

Linux is often criticised as "not user friendly" for requiring command-line usage. It might be okay for power users, but most day-to-day users would rather avoid the command-line at all costs and not have to remember command names and syntax.

I've not installed the script yet as I don't do much renaming, but I know there are some occasions when I've wanted a batch rename like the ones described. Even though I'm happy working at the command-line, I've still not used it enough to know how to do all of the listed renames in Bash. - Sep 24 2008
Terminal Screenlet

Conky by spdf 58 comments

Just because I'm picky like that, I've made a quick patch that stops it leaving a blank line and a blank prompt when you don't have a startup command:
< self.terminal.feed_child('%s \n' % (self.launch_app))
> if (self.launch_app != '') :
> self.terminal.feed_child('%s \n' % (self.launch_app))

Now to see if I can quickly work out why the command is repeated - once before the prompt and once when it is executed. - Jul 21 2008
Terminal Screenlet

Conky by spdf 58 comments

Looks like I missed a couple of versions. It'd be great if you could get this in to the main Screenlets package so that I could get it updated in my RPM updates instead of having to check back here :)

Also, tabs would still be appreciated, but I think it might be being worked on. - Jul 04 2008
ubuntu ice

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mayurarora 1 comment

Nice ice block. Where is it from? And given that this is Gnome-look, any chance of it without the Ubuntu branding?

Also, would a white background version be possible? - Jun 25 2008
ubuntu - the best os

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mayurarora 3 comments

Exactly - Gnome-look is for Gnome, Ubuntu-look is for Ubuntu.

Any chance of this without the Ubuntu branding so that it is actually a Gnome thing? - Jun 25 2008
Exaile Tango Theme 1.0

Various Gnome Stuff by Farooq 7 comments

Nice theme :) I've added my comments to the bug report and I'll be combining this with the other one mentioned there to get the best balance of what I think Tango should look like :) - Jun 09 2008
Alien World

Wallpaper Other by LoganCale 2 comments

Quite nice, although it looks a bit blocky and pixelated in the water.

IMO it could also do without having the black bar at the bottom, as it doesn't fit well with a standard Gnome desktop with top and bottom panels, especially when the panels are light. - Mar 16 2008

Conky by meek 126 comments

All of my screenlets start up looking similar before Compiz starts and enables better transparency. Have you tried editing the theme and removing the transparency on the status icons? - Mar 01 2008
Net Monitor Screenlet

Conky by Whise 21 comments

I think the problem is that you're posting about a disk usage applet under the network monitor applet ;) - Feb 24 2008

Conky by meek 126 comments

I think there might be a bug when the screenlet is auto-started. I've just been fighting with a similar problem - right-clicking the widget (which is on Compiz's Widget layer) just right-clicks on the desktop and hides the widget layer.

Restarting the widget has fixed the problem for now (any part of the screenlet is clickable) but it does seem it can get in to situations with the buddy list up where none of the area is right-clickable.

Other than that it is a great screenlet. Now I just need to see if I can Tango-ise it. - Feb 23 2008
Net Monitor Screenlet

Conky by Whise 21 comments

That fix seems to work for me on Fedora 8 using the 0.6 version of the Net Monitor screenlet :) I was wondering why it wasn't showing anything.

For future reference for the developer, it migh
t also be best not to try to process the data when self.dev isn't set as it just leads to exceptions. - Feb 20 2008