Ambiance Crunchy

GTK3 Themes by frombenny 53 comments

hey frombenny

I love these themes. So I would like to ask you,
if you could also offer a debian-repository for
these themes please??

I use LMDE 17 2 Betsy and I am missing these themes. - Sep 18 2015
Country Living

Wallpaper Other by Padster 2 comments

hey Padster,

nice Wallpaper. Like it. Keep it up!! :-)

Greetings from your friend
Karmicbastler - Jul 02 2015
zonColor Themes Pack

GTK3 Themes by zonsaja 73 comments

hi zonsaja,

I wante to inform you, that Ubuntu 14.10 is here.
I just wanted to install these zoncolor-themes, but Synaptic doesn't find them.

So could you please update the new versions to Ubuntu 14.10 and add them to the repository please?

Thanks in advance

let me add: I love these themes and Icons!
Keep this work up and running!! - Dec 06 2014

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Ezy 4 comments

Got the Wallpaper from your kde-Theme and Downloaded it as well as the Emerald-Theme.

Now I just need a working Icon-theme for MATE-Desktop and everything would be fine.

Karmicbastler - Nov 29 2014

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Ezy 4 comments

hi Ezi,

I would need that Wallpaper from your Screenshots for my MATE-Desktop please. Could you please make this background available for Download please??
The resolution would be fine with 1366x768px please (Notebook).

Karmicbastler - Nov 29 2014

Full Icon Themes by lion-d-gem-heart 22 comments

hi lion-d-gem-h eart

could you please make yoour ppa-repository available for Ubuntu 14.04 trusty Thar and for
Ubuntu 14.10 please??
I get an error 404 when I add your ppa in Ubuntu
14.04 Trusty Thar.

So please update your ppa-repository
And to add: your theme looks nice on these shots

Karmicbastler - Aug 14 2014

GDM Themes by Belatakacs 2 comments

hi Belatakacs,

I would like this theme of you. But at download, I
get this error: "Resource could not be found".
Could you please be kind and reup this nice theme??

Thanks in advance!! - Aug 10 2014

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 30 comments

hi tiheum,

fresh request: please could you make this equinox-ubuntu-theme available for future Ubuntu-Versions from Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 onwards??
And could you also make it for LinuxMint 16, Linux Mint 17 and onwards??

And I want to let you know: I never stopped loving your artwork. So please please upgrade!!

Thick Greetings and thanks in advance,
from your friend
Karmicbastler - Jul 06 2014
G-Xiria 3.0

Full Icon Themes by Phlox 22 comments

hi to the author:

First let me say: I love this theme.
Scond: my request: make it available for Ubuntu 14.04 and Uuntu 14.10 please. The repository is outdated.

Karmicbastler - Jul 06 2014
Wine Blue Remix

Full Icon Themes by WalentyWalewski 18 comments

hi to the author of this icon-theme,

can we have this theme also for Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 14.10 please??
So please please update this repository!!

This would be cool.

Thanks in advance,
Karmicbastler - Jul 06 2014
Moka Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by snwh 100 comments

hi swnh,

when I install your repository from here:

I get this error after entering this command into the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:snwh/moka-icon-theme-daily

Please make sure, that the name is written correctly and Ubuntu can't find your repository.
So I installed the repository directly from the Moca-Team. But this does not include these blue
Moca-Icons. So my question is: where can I get them?? Because I like them. - Jul 06 2014
zonColor Themes Pack

GTK3 Themes by zonsaja 73 comments

hi zonsaja,

will this nice theme-pack also be available for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Thar??

My question is, because I love this theme-pack in the noobslab-ppa repository and I would like
to stick with it in future Mint-Releases or even in Caixa Magica 21.

Karmicbastler - Apr 25 2014
Call of the Yeti

Wallpaper Other by Cycron 5 comments

hi dear,

very nice Wallpaper. Voted your content up!!
Kepp up this nice work.

Karmicbaster - Apr 18 2014
Call of the Yeti

Wallpaper Other by Cycron 5 comments

hi demercel,

I cannot confirm this. Did you have cookies enabled and did you allow in your NoScript-Addon for your Firefox??

This should be set and then you do not have that trouble.

Karmicbastler - Apr 18 2014

Full Icon Themes by paudelanup 2 comments

hi paudelanup,

I have to inform you, that your icons already exist as ppa-repository by another user!! Look here:

So you should work together with this author. He also created a nice Win7-basic gtk3-theme.

Karmicbastler - Mar 20 2014
hi dear,

what I would like, would be a completely transparent gtk3-theme which looks like glassy.

This means: transparent border, these window-buttons and transparent gtk.

Could this work out?? - Mar 20 2014
Super Brothers mdm

MDM Themes by sivia81 1 comment

hi sivia81,

I wanted to tell you, that the background you chose is a stolen thing from a proriatory game, which has be taken down from it's author because someone has done an illeagle copyright-infringement from the original game.

But: if you would select an original Windows7 or even an original Windows8-Background, then you can let this look like an original Windows7 or even like an original Windows8 login-window.

So with only this small rework, you could relaunch this work under a new name and you could keep it up then. - Feb 24 2014
HumanVista mdm

MDM Themes by sivia81 3 comments

Then there is a ppe-repository by Noobslab, which provides the original Windows-Icons
and several other icon-themes like the faenza-icons, the faience-icons, the elementary-icons
and many others.

So if one uses this ppa-repository together with this ppa-repository and the original Windows-
Wallpapers, then this will really look Windows-like, althout it isn't Windows... :-D - Feb 24 2014
HumanVista mdm

MDM Themes by sivia81 3 comments

hi dear,

this looks really Vista-like but the only thing, that is not Vista-like, is the Ubuntu-Logo.

But the background is Vista and the glassy login-window really fits.

The only thing, I personally would change, is the Ubuntu-Logo. :-) - Feb 24 2014
xubuntu valo

GDM Themes by sivia81 1 comment

@ sivia81,

also here, your screenshot is too small.
Things can't be seen clearly, so please make your screenshot bigger - Feb 24 2014
pirate mdm

MDM Themes by sivia81 2 comments

@ sivia81,

please make your screenshot somewhat bigger, so that details can bee seen more clearly.
Your screenshot is quite small and things can't be seen clearly.

Thanks in advance,
Karmicbastler - Feb 24 2014

Cinnamon Themes by gmc85 10 comments

hi gmc85,

also one of the amazing and outstanding themes!
And it is also one of my favorit themes. I have it installed here on my system (LinuxMint 16 Cinnamon).

Thanks a lot for this outstanding work!!

Karmicbastler - Feb 10 2014
hi dear,

thanks for you message!! This is nice as Cinnamon does no longer support Berryl-Emerald.
In early Ubuntu-versions, I had used Emerald-Themes to imitate this W7-Windowborder.

But I am happy, that you did this theme for us. What about the idea, to make one with a
glassy border and these buttons??

Thanks a ton for your work!! :-)

Karmicbastler - Feb 10 2014
And one tipp for you, if you want to let your screen look like Windows7:

just use your win-icons, together with this Stark-menue and use the Cloud-Cinnamon-theme
and add a original Windows7-Wallpaper!

The only thing you need, is such an aery gtk3- theme, that looks like Windows7. I would wish,
you did such a theme.

Karmicbastler - Feb 10 2014
hi dear,

installed your ppa-repository! Thanks a ton!

Now I just look out for such an aery gtk3-theme, for let it look more like Windows. :-D

But I also installed your elementary-icons and your Win-icons. I am really looking forward, how
they will look like. I personnaly preferr the original look of Windows-icons.

But I also like the elementary-icons, because I like some parts out of elementryOS. There I also
have the wallpapers here on storage. :-) - Feb 10 2014
hi dear,

this fixes this crash for me:

This is a nice Window7-like looking menue and this works in Cinnamon2.0!

Try out this!

And now I will install several of these Icons... - Feb 10 2014
hi dear,

I installed the new Starks-Menues from this cinnamon-spices website as you said. Now it works
for me! Thanks a lot!!

Qustion: will there be a german translation of it??

Karmicbastler - Feb 10 2014
hi dear,

I have Cinnaon 2.0 running and I have to say: the first part of your instruction does not work. The
installation of this menue causes Cinnamon-Crash.

I installed it from the settings-menue. In the applets-section, there is this menue.

But I will install your icons, because you also have the elementary-icons in your pack, which I like.

Then I have all these Windows-Wallpapers already here on storage. - Feb 10 2014
hi dear,

thank you for your instruction. I will test this in Cinnamon and see, if it works.

I will come back to you. - Feb 10 2014
zonColor Themes Pack

GTK3 Themes by zonsaja 73 comments

hi zonsaja,

just a question: what about a ppa-repository for this nice theme-pack?? Because I think, your
themes should one day become a standard-repository for LinuxMint and this would make
updateing easier... :-)

I like it, downloaded it and have it running (the green theme)! I also voted your content up. :-)

Karmicbastler - Feb 08 2014
hi bluedxca93,

first let me say: this Theme looks like a very wellknown System... :-D The look is from Windows8.

But question: where did you get the icons from?? Can you post a link to these icons??

And yes, the Cinnamon-hack would really interest me, because I think, this is no real hack. This is
just one of the menues out of the Cinnamon-Applets, right??

But: tell us about your hack. - Feb 08 2014

GDM Themes by rohithn 5 comments

hi rohithhn,

the changing of the distribution-logo in your file is much easier. Just open the xml-file with Texteditor
and change this line:

<normal file="ubuntu.png" alpha="1.0"/>

so that it looks this way:

<normal file="Mint.png" alpha="1.0"/>

save the file.
Then open the Ubuntu-Logo inside the extracted folder with Gimp. Replace this ubuntu-Logo with a
suitable Mint-Logo. For example from here:

Download this file and extract it.
Replace the ubuntu-Logo, which you opened with Gimp with this one. Add a nice Mint-orb.
Export this new Mint-Logo to the extracted NebulaGDM-folder.
Close the folder and recompress it with a new file name.
Then install it and enjoy. - Feb 08 2014

GDM Themes by rohithn 5 comments

Nice theme! Like it and downloaded it.
Question: could you make this same theme with the
Mint-Logo for LinuxMint?? This would be cool.

Thank you.

Karmicbastler - Feb 08 2014
linsta mdm

MDM Themes by sivia81 1 comment

Nice theme!! But I have one suggestion for you: I would exchange this gnome-Icon
by a Mint-Icon.
But so far: nice! Voted up. - Feb 08 2014
mint gnome2 MDM

MDM Themes by sivia81 1 comment

hi sivia81,

nie theme so far. But one question: could you also
make a model with a more light green background??

This might look nice. - Feb 08 2014
Butterfly GDM/MDM Theme

MDM Themes by ariszlo 2 comments

Nice MDM-theme. Like it and voted your content up! - Feb 08 2014
hi AustinTexas,

I didn't know, you are german. So I wrote in english, as english ist standard-language here in

But for your information: I am also german. So I f you want, we can chat together. You can find my chat-contact in my profile.

Then thanks a lot for your links for learning about how to change colors of gtk-themes. This will help me to learn about gtk-themes.

But what referrs to Cinnamon-themes: I did that already. I know, how to make Cinnamon-themes. I love that. I only did not know, how to make gtk3-themes. But with your help, I will learn now.

Thanks again and keep up your absolutely outstanding work!! This is awsome...

I wish you, that you will get more upvotes for your nice content.

Karmicbastler - Feb 01 2014
@ AustinTexas,

Just a question: do you also want to joint the Mint-Devs-Team?? I would really suggest that!!
You are also a good artworker!!

10 points for this awsome theme. I like it!!

edit: I voted your content up!! - Feb 01 2014
hi AustinTexas,

this theme looks cool. This is also same outstanding work as it is BigMint. This looks

I will download it.
Question: how do you create gtk3-themes??
I want to learn this!!

Karmicbastler - Feb 01 2014

Cinnamon Themes by gmc85 10 comments

@ gmc85,

if you continue like this, you wil become a real shooting-star here!! You should really join the
LinuxMint-devs-Team!! They are looking for such
good artworks like you!!
From me 10 points for this work!! - Jan 30 2014

Cinnamon Themes by gmc85 10 comments

@ gmc85,

just wanted to say: voted yout best-ever Content up!! Keep up this standever-beautiful work.
I also sent the link to my friend padster already in chat. He also likes it. - Jan 30 2014

Cinnamon Themes by gmc85 10 comments

For me with 1366x768px-resolution on my screen, it nearly fits the whole hight of the screen :-)
So perhaps you could fix this little thing??

But it is really standever-beautiful and I like it. I already installed it and activated it!! - Jan 30 2014

Cinnamon Themes by gmc85 10 comments

Wow...this is cool...I also have to amit, that this is the best-ever Theme.

But one thing: the Menue should be a bit smaller in hight. It nearly
covers the whole screen on your screenshots..

And could you please add the downloads for the zolcolor-themes
and for the zoncolor-icons please??

Karmicbastler - Jan 30 2014

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 596 comments

hi tiheum,

I just upgraded my LinuxMint 15 to LinuxMint 16 (based on Ubuntu 13.10
and now I have the problem, that there is no official release of your nice
faenza-icons for Ubuntu 13.10.

Can you give us information, when we can expect the new relase?? I would like to stay with your icons.... - Nov 17 2013

GTK3 Themes by pingsuters 2 comments

@ pingsuters,

I like that theme and downloaded it. Keep up that good work!
One question: could you make a ppa-repository for easily updating it?? - Nov 07 2013
Metro (crimson)

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem 1 comment

hi Brahimsalem,

also for this theme, I have some suggestions, how to get this theme

First, this theme is too much pink. This needs more red color.
Then The border of the panel, the menue and of the left-hand
column of the menue could be changed to white.

Then it should be used with some nice Christmas-Icons and I nice
Christmas-Wallpaper. There I have some nice ones on my stock, if you want.

You could get in touch with me via jabber. You find the address
in my profile.

Karmicbastler - Sep 25 2013
Metro (orange)

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem 3 comments

hi Brahimsalem,

your theme is not deleted and still available for download.

Shall I try to rework this theme, because I had already thought
about a theme in this color.

Karmicbastler - Sep 25 2013
Metro (orange)

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem 3 comments

hi Brahimsalem,

your work is not as bad as eeryone thinks. OK, it could be
reworked in some way. For example: the panel-borders and the
menue-borders could be white.

Then the background of the pressed panel-buttons could be
changed from green to a lighter orange with a white border.

Then the hovering-background on hovering across the menue-
items could be a darker orange and the same it could be with
the buttons in the let column of the menue (the part completely
at the left-hand side of the menue.

Then this would give your theme a push up. Try that....But you
you are on a right way. Keep it going. These changes could also
lead to an upvote of your nice theme.

- Sep 25 2013

GTK3 Themes by tsujan 111 comments

hi tsujan,

I voted your nice content up. What about this suggestion:
packing all your themes into one ppa-repository?? This would
make things easier for you in case of maintaining. And users
would have it easier with updating your nice themes.

Karmicbastler - Sep 25 2013

GTK3 Themes by Brahimsalem 5 comments

hi Brahimsalem,

I also voted good for your theme. And I have one suggestion:
what about openng a ppa-repository for your theme?? Then you
would not have so much work with updating and this would make
things easier for you.

- Sep 25 2013