mistEEk Icons

Full Icon Themes by charleswight 4 comments

hi Dear,

First I wanted to say thank you for this nice icontheme. I am going along with it, since quite a while now and like it.
I have your complete theme including your nice corresponding gtk-Metacity-theme installed.
But now, I wanted to ask you, if you could make a socalled ppa-repository for ubuntu for making life and updating a bit easier.
That would make work a lot easier.

Ho do you think about this??

Then I also wanted to encourage you, to go on with development of this nice theme and it should be put to the default-themes of ubuntu as well as LinuxMint (which I use at the moment).


- Sep 13 2010
ubuntu control center theme mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by drakfire 4 comments

this is a quite nice work. But such apps already exist. For example the software-center or even Ubuntu-Tweak or even gconf-editor.

So this is not really necessary.

But nice idea.

Karmicbastler - Sep 10 2010
Murrine Silk

GTK2 Themes by DevastatorPC 12 comments

hi Dear,
I just have one question referring to this theme.

I found the same thing here with this nice window-border: http://linux.softpedia.com/progScreenshots/Murrine-Silk-Screenshot-47414.html

Can anybody tell me, which Windowborder this is?? I am looking for it everywhere.

Where can I find this nice Windowborder??

Greetings and Thanks in advance,
Karmicbastler - Sep 05 2010
Sticker Style Fedora Orb, Bottom Panel

GnoMenu Skins by nechus 2 comments

Hi ubuntufan,
I wanted to donwload this sticker for GnoMenu, but I get this error-message:
"404 - file not found".

So my question would be: does this theme not exist anymore or did you withdraw it??

If so, could you please re-upload it, because I like it. No matter, if this start-orb is not yor work or not. I like this Fedora-look.

- Sep 05 2010
ddragon's GTK blue - rounded

GTK2 Themes by ddragon 10 comments

hi Dear,
don't worry if somebody doesn't like your theme. I love all of them and I am going along with them for quite a while now.

So my question would be, if there will be more colors in the future like a red one for example or even a purple one or even a pink one for children or colors like this.

What do you thin of these examples???

And please: keep up these so well done themes!!!


I will keep an eye on your themes!!! - Sep 02 2010

Metacity Themes by BearOso 6 comments

theme already exists in your Theme-Manager called Clearlooks or even Clearlooks Glanz.

So if you want to have this blue Lok, then just go to your Theme_manager and select Clearlooks or Clearlooks Glanz.

Have a nice Weekand.

Karmicbastler - Aug 28 2010
ddragon's orange

Beryl/Emerald Themes by ddragon 5 comments

hy again ddragon, I just loce your nice Metacity-themes together with their corresonding emerald-themes.

Your themes are nice artwork and I keep them onword from one Distro to the next and also for the future. I also burned them to disk to save them for the future.

And then I also have ideas for further colors of these themes. What about a red theme for example or even something like a liht rose-color??
The Red color for example would fit perfectly for Christmas ans the rose one would be nice in spring.
So keep your nice themes up and keep them going. Please keep onwards with the development of more such nice themes. I'll keep an eye on your artwork

What do you think about these suggestions??

Let me know.

Karmicbastler - Aug 21 2010
ddragon's blue

Beryl/Emerald Themes by ddragon 9 comments

Hi ddragon, I just found your nice ddragon-emerald-themes here. Then I just wanted to ask you this simple question:
did you know, that there are corresponding metacity-themes existing??

I love these emerald-themes together with their corresponding Metacity-themes.

Good work!!! Keep it up and keep it going.

Karmicbastler - Aug 21 2010
Light Air Modified | Mod by: N1K0N

Beryl/Emerald Themes by n1k0n 1 comment

this is a nice theme for a scae-looking icon-theme which I want to construct.
Perhaps I will do something in the direction of Star-Trek and this would be a perfect fitting Emerald-Theme.

Then I wanted to say, that I voted "good" for your theme.

Karmicbastler - Aug 21 2010

GTK2 Themes by 8Ypsilon 2 comments

hi Dear,

I just downloaded your nice theme. Then I recognised this nice Wallpaper in the Background.
I like this Wallpaper. Could you please be so kind to upload this Wallpaper??
Because I would like to have it for Ubuntu-Mint. This would perfectly fit the green Look of Ubuntu-Mint.

Karmicbastler - Aug 21 2010

GTK2 Themes by donoterase 85 comments

hi Dear,
I found this theme by searching through these pages here. And I just wonder, which icons these are, which are shown on your screenshots.

These icons look well done and I just like them somehow. Can you tell me the name of these icons and where to find them?? I also have the original Divinorum-theme downloaded, which I like best of these Metacity-theme-Pack.

So please let me know.

Good night and until soon....

Karmicbastler - Aug 20 2010
Nameless Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by conteXx 30 comments

hi dear,
this iconset looks pleasing. When will this nice set be released??

I love this set and would like to download it. I can't really wait to have it.

Karmicbastler - Aug 16 2010
148 Cute Tux Icons (PNG)

Drawings/Paintings by farizluqman 33 comments

I did the same as the user before me. I also voted good for your icons. And if there were the option of voting "very good", the your would have earned this voting from me!!!

Great artwork. Keep it going and keep it up!!! I never want to miss your icons!!!

your friend Karmicbastler - Aug 16 2010
148 Cute Tux Icons (PNG)

Drawings/Paintings by farizluqman 33 comments

hi Dear,

I can only praise you for your so cute Tux-Icons. I love them. Also for my new Ubuntu-Mint-Distro.

Please, please, please continue with this nice artwork!!! KLeep this up and kep it going. I don't want to miss your icons!!!

Great and beautiful!!!

your friend Karmicbastler - Aug 16 2010

GTK2 Themes by wulax 53 comments

hi Dear,

I love this Theme. Bit as I haved moved over to Emerald-Theme, I would love an Emerald-Theme from this.

So could you also make an Emerald-Theme out of this nice Theme please??

Karmicbastler - Aug 05 2010
Black Vista 1.1

Beryl/Emerald Themes by KTATTOO 6 comments

I also love this theme. It really looks similar to the dark Vista-style and I also want to pose the question as it was so often: who really needs Windows (or shall i better say Windoof??) if we have guys like you, who bring this feeling onto Linux??

My answer to this would be: you did great work and I can only say: by by Microsoft!! You (Microsoft) have outplayed!!

You really seem to have a lot of talent on that and cracked the Windows-Styling, but you did it with a good reason. Windows takes money from people with their not really reasonable lizences!! And I also don't look into it, why I shall pay for such a styling to Microsoft, as we can have it here in Linux through guys like you and many others!!! Go on and keep up this good work, that Microsoft will learn its lesson!!!

Karmicbastler - Aug 05 2010

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Simzer 5 comments

hi Dear,
since I found out how to make your Desktop transparent on an easyway in Maverick, I have begun to love these Emerald-themes and will take this Emerald-theme for me in Maverick.

Then I also wanted to let you know, that I am also a big Cats-Fan (you konw this Musical??)

Karmicbastler - Aug 02 2010
Glassified MacOS (left/right)

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Klosterfrau 13 comments

hi people,
to reach the same thing in Maverick, here is another easier way. You just need four little Programs from synaptic: Emerald-theme-manager, gnome-color-chooser, compiz-settings-Manager and fusion-Icon.

Then for enabeling desktop-effects, go to the Metacity-theme_amanger and there go to "Desktop-Effects" and take the second or better the third Option

Then go to gnome-color-chooser and there go to "engines". There you have to take three points, where you have to change setings: the first one "general", the third one "Panel" and the fourth Start-Menu".
There you set the engines to "murrine" and then you go to "setings" right beside it and there you scroll down until you find the pint where you can enable RGBA-Effects. There you must check the boxes. Then close the gnome-colorchosser.
Then we change over to Compiz-settings-Manager. There we go to "opacity,Brightness and Saturation".
There you go to the points "opacity", "brightness" and "saturation. There you see the option "Window specific settings". In the first one with "opacity", you put the button to 75 and into this prompt you enter "any" (but without the "" !!). In the second one with Brightness, you put this button to 91 and enter the same word into this prompt (also please without these "" !!). Then in the last where it says "saturation", you put the buton to 90 and again enter the word "any" (also without these "" !!!) into this prompt.

Then close Compiz and go to fusion-Icon.
There you change the Window-decorator from gtk to Emerald and close fusion-Icon.

For the last step, you go to Emerald-theme-Manager and import your favorite Emerald-theme, select it and voilá, you're done.


- Aug 02 2010

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 595 comments

hi there,

to install this icontheme, there is a quite simpler possibility. Just open your Theme_Manager and drop this .tar.gz-archive into the Window and it will be automaticly installed.

There is no need to run a script or something else like this.

Karmicbastler - Jul 30 2010

Wallpaper Other by mehdilinux 1 comment

hi Dear,

this looks pleasing. Nice work.

Karmicbastler - Jul 26 2010
Earth button

GnoMenu Skins by Planis 2 comments

hey Dear,
just allow me one question: is this a start-orb for a GnoMenu-theme or is this a GnoMenu-icon for Google Earth??

Karmicbastler - Jul 23 2010

Full Icon Themes by alexibaba 41 comments

please bring up some more Icons, which could be reworked by your little nice app.

Yes I use it in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat now. It wors so fine for me.

Thanks for this nice app.

Karmicbastler - Jul 09 2010

Full Icon Themes by jennie 53 comments

hi Dear,
I just love to use your MagIcons in Maverick Meerkat (ubuntu 10.10).

Only one little question: will there be more Icons for adding into it for manipulatiing one day, because these lilabuntu-icons are not my taste so far.

I would be happy if there would be more Icons for manipulating one day.

Karmicbastler - Jul 09 2010

Wallpaper Other by sanzoy 3 comments

Hi Peaople, nice that you give your artwork also for Ubuntu Linux. Like it.
Sometime, I will make a new Suse-Icontheme. And your Wallpaper fits perfectly with my planned icons.
That will make it possible to let Ubuntu look like OpenSuse although it is not OpenSuse.
Thank you for this nice artwork.
Greetings - Jun 18 2010
for this one I have to say the same thing as for your first one.
I like it, took it and will keep with it.

Please mor of this kind.

Karmicbastler - Jun 18 2010
Ubuntu 10.04 newlight lila

Wallpapers Ubuntu by d3xt0r 1 comment

hi Dear,
love your Wallpaper. Looks quite more perfect, than the original Lucid-Background. Have downloaded it and will keep it.
Thanks for this nice artwork. Please more of this.

I will keep an eye on this kind of project. Will vote good for it.

Karmicbastler - Jun 18 2010

Full Icon Themes by alexibaba 41 comments

hi Dear,
I love your App now andI wanted to ask, if there is a possibility for a ppa-repository to make updating of your app easier for me.
At the time, I have version 0.2.0 and I wanted to upate to your new version.

Please tell me, how I can get this managed. Normally, I use the update-manager of Lucid or even Terminal.

Karmicbastler - Jun 16 2010
148 Cute Tux Icons (PNG)

Drawings/Paintings by farizluqman 33 comments

thank you farizluqman. I love your cute Tux-Icons and I will keep them for further constructions.

go on adding more such cute tux-Icons!!! I love them an will ever love them!!!!

Thank you dear, for these nice Icons.

Karmicbastler - Jun 04 2010
148 Cute Tux Icons (PNG)

Drawings/Paintings by farizluqman 33 comments

hi farizluqman,
I wanted to let you know, that I have downloaded your cute new Tux-icons.
But I just wanted to tell you, that I am missing the penguin with the german soccer shirt. You know: the soccer World Championship will be up soon.

Could you add such a penguin please???? I need it for creating a soccer-icontheme for gnome.

Could you please so me this favor??
- Jun 03 2010
Solar Bloom

Wallpaper Other by ceebeebg 2 comments

Hi ceebeeby

nice Wallpaper. Love it. More of this kind.

Karmicbastler - Jun 03 2010

Wallpaper Other by ceebeebg 1 comment

hey Dear,
this is a nice artwork!!! Well done!!!
Love it and took it.

Voted "good" for it.

Go on creating such nice things.

Karmicbastler - May 23 2010
Ubuntu studio 256px icons

Icon Sub-Sets by wedderburn 2 comments

ich würde mich auch über ein vollständiges Set freuen.

Karmicbastler - May 07 2010
Linux ...

Wallpaper Other by Bignono 3 comments

hey Dear, such nice artwork is is a must-have for me!!! I took this new Wallpaper of yours for m y fresh installed Ubuntu-Linux.

Thanks again for an outstanding artwork!!!

Karmicbastler - May 05 2010
fast lubuntu

Wallpapers LXQt/LXDE by hackerleo 1 comment

hi Dear,

I just waited for your new artwork here.
Like it and took it.

Will keep it.

Thanks again for this nice artwork.

Could you make it also with the ubuntu-lable instead the Lubuntu-Label?? Just leave away the "L" and you have it.

Karmicbastler - May 03 2010

GDM Themes by growlf 22 comments

hi Dear,

I thought so from the beginning of this. That's why i would like to see a solution in your so nice app that works so charming for me in Lucid.
And shall I tel you what? Your app is a "must have" right after Ubuntu-tweak.

I love your app and would like to see a soluton for the newly released GDM-themes here on http.7/gnome-look.org.

So I would be really happy if you would go working on this.

Have a go and don't give up and don't give in. Your app is so helpful also to friends of mine.

Karmicbastler - Apr 28 2010

Wallpaper Other by momez 2 comments

hey momez,
this one is one of your best Wallpapers!1 Love it and took it for me.
Thanks for this nice work. More of this.

Perhaps you could make a workover on the new XSplash also.

Karmicbastler - Apr 26 2010
AquaMadness New Ubuntu Logo

Wallpapers Ubuntu by vhs95 1 comment

nice artwork. Like it.

More of this!!

Karmicbastler - Apr 25 2010

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 5 comments

Hi Lemonade,

I like the blue Version of this Wallpaper really and took it for me. You have done outstanding work with this Wallpaper.

But one little question: did you use a Vista-Wallpaper as Basis for your work??

Greetings and thanks for this nice artwork,

Karmicbastler - Apr 25 2010

GDM Themes by growlf 22 comments

hi together,

I already use the latest version of GDM2Setup in Lucid (theppa-Repository on Launchpad).

So now i want to know, when it will be possible to install all these nice GDm-themes here on http://gnome-look.org via this nice little app.

Because it seems, that the Themesupport is not integrated into this app until up to now. Ok, it is possible to change Wallpaper, Icons and Metacity for the Login-Screen. But how to install all these nice GDM-themes via this nice app??

Please make themesupport possible. this would be really pleasing.

- Apr 24 2010
Charming Gnome

Various Gnome Stuff by sanousy 8 comments

Hi Dear,
one question: as what kind of artwork do you describe your work? Is this a metacity-theme including a gtk-engine and an Icontheme or what exactly is it?
because it is in the section "other Gnome-Stuff".

Karmicbastler - Apr 21 2010
Ubuntu Eclats

Wallpapers Ubuntu by momez 2 comments

hi my friend momez,

I just wanted to let you know, that I love this Wallpaper and took it for me.

Go on with creating such nice things.

Karmicbastler - Apr 20 2010
what about a screenshot??

Please let us see, what you created.

Karmicbastler - Apr 18 2010

GTK2 Themes by juandejesuss 41 comments

hi jesus,

I am still working on the Windows-Vista original Icons as well aso nthe Windows7-original icons.

I will tell you and the people, when I will launch up.

Karmicbastler - Apr 18 2010
cool artwork. Love it.

More of this kind please.

Karmicbastler - Apr 11 2010
148 Cute Tux Icons (PNG)

Drawings/Paintings by farizluqman 33 comments

these Tux-Icons are so cute!!! I love them!!! Only one little suggestion i would have: what about a Tuxi in the shirt of the german soccer-team to the upcoming Soccer World Championship?? Or also in the ones of the other soccer-teams?? This is a little missing in this package.

Bit hese icons are really so cute!!!

Thank you for making this!!!

Karmicbastler - Apr 07 2010
Perfection (Prfktion)

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 19 comments

Hi Dear,
this theme is fine and works so smooth on my machine.

Thank you for making this nice theme!!! It's awsome and I like it!!!

Karmicbastler - Apr 07 2010
Photo Converter

Nautilus Scripts by lucky-luk 6 comments

Hi Dear,

i have another additional feature-request, which also f-spot does not have!! I would like to have a possibility to resharpen fotos and to reduce or even rewipe the so called red-eye-effect.
Could you also add such a feature?? Then I would like to use your script instead of f-spot or even Picasa!!!!

Why?? Because your little program is opensurce and then it will also be better then f-spot!!!

So I would be pleased to see such a feature in your nice little script.

With greetings
Karmicbastler - Apr 06 2010
Enchantement 5

Wallpaper Other by momez 2 comments

this version is really pleasing and more eye-caring. took it and like it.

Go on with creating this with other pastel-colors too. You are now on the right way!!!

Don't give up and don't give in!!!

Karmicbastler - Apr 06 2010
Enchantement 3

Wallpaper Other by momez 2 comments

hi momez,

I have your previous Version of Enchantment. But this Version i will not take, because these color-Mix is so eyehurting. Perhaps if you make these colors more light 8that means in a more pastell way, then I will rethink my opinion.

Karmicbastler - Apr 05 2010
just tux

Wallpaper Other by electricalpower 1 comment

this one is a nice Wallpaper. Took it for me.

Karmicbastler - Apr 01 2010