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SDDM: Simple QML Based Display Manager

System Software 21 comments

by aavci
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Mar 24 2013
SDDM implements org.freedesktop.DisplayManager dbus interface. If you have a desktop environment that understands this standart you should be able to switch users, for example it works kde 4.11. Alternatively you can either use a dbus tool to call corresponding methods. - Dec 07 2013
Currently we dont get users background wallpapers, but it should be possible when we add support for accounts service, some time after the 0.2.0 release.

Changing the background depending on the time is much easier. Just change the "source" property of the "Background" components depending on current time. - Apr 21 2013
Fast user switching and XDMCP are two of the (many) missing features.

We are planning to implement fast user switching in the next development cycle. So you can expect it in the coming weeks/months.

I am not sure about implmenting XDCMP, though. Since X is on its way out and there are lots of good display managers out there supporting it. So when SDDM matures I don't expect that there will be much need for XDMCP. It will depend on user demand and developer interest. - Mar 20 2013
To be able to run sddm on startup we need to have proper initscripts created to integrate with the underlying system.

We distribute a service file for integration with systemd because that's what me and other developers are mostly using. If you are using systemd and follow the steps in the wiki, it should work automatically. If not, you need to ask your packagers for the integration bits. - Mar 19 2013
I tried reproducing the bug without a success. With Arch Linux 64-bit, razor-qt-git 20130204, chromium or firefox, on youtube. I can switch to fullscreen and return back and everything is normal.

Also if you can report the bug into our bug tracker ( it will be easier to track the status. Bug reports tend to get lost in comments. - Feb 19 2013
Sorry, I wasn't questioning your skills. I just wanted to stress the "git pull" part which would pull the latest version from source control since the commit making systemd optional is a few hours old, at most.

And it seems that the source package somehow didn't get updated and was out of sync. I have updated it with the latest version. But content upload part seems a bit weird, I can't remove old content files.

Anyway, if the source package fails please try building directly from github. - Feb 18 2013
I assume you are building from git using the instructions online. I have already updated the latest master, I am writing instructions to use it below. I dont have a machine without systemd, so I can't test it, theoretically it should work.

remove the build directory: rm -rf build
update to current master: git pull
create build directory: mkdir build
enter into it:cd build
run cmake: cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
build: make
install: sudo make install
- Feb 18 2013
We actually don't need systemd or depend on it, cmake check is there to find the directory to install the unit file.

I have actually made systemd optional on current master.

Unfortunately, I lack the knowledge to integrate with upstart, somebody with ubuntu knowledge needs to do the work. I asked in the ubuntu community google plus channel for help, but nobody responded. :(

- Feb 18 2013
Hi, SDDM is a display manager like KDM, GDM, LightDM etc. It is used to present a graphical login screen on X11 based systems. So probably there is not much use case for Android or Ubuntu Phone.

Thanks. - Feb 02 2013
Activity Manager Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 33 comments

by aavci
Score 85.4%
Dec 24 2010
Thanks for the tip! - Dec 20 2010
Nice idea.

I was thinking of putting a lock/unlock icon at the titlebar too. But I had trouble putting actions into the titlebar. I will try again after RC1. - Dec 20 2010
Logically yeah, when the _desktop_ is locked, editing activities should not be possible.
But, by default, locking plasmoids doesn't mean locking the whole desktop. It just locks the plasmoids. Activities are orthogonal. You can add/edit/delete activities while your plasmoids are locked and for now I would prefer to be consistent with the rest of the desktop.

But saturating the clone/edit/delete buttons (always or when plasmoids are locked) and de-saturating when mouse over might be good idea.

Patches welcome :)
- Dec 20 2010
Thank you for the info.

I have fixed this bug in my local copy to show only one instance of rename widget. Bugfix will be in the next release.
- Dec 18 2010
I am using beta2 aka 4.5.85. - Dec 15 2010
Thank you!

I don't have any problems with the pop-ups now. There were some, but they seem to be fixed now. Actually, I am not even sure if they were my fault or something wrong with the betas. But you can be sure that if I see any bugs, I will try to fix them as soon as possible. - Dec 15 2010

You have some nice ideas there!

I agree on the two column layout. On the left there would be usual list of the activities and on the right a big preview with related action icons under. Coool!

Using scroll wheel actions over the icon, may be useful too.

But I don't agree on the double click thing, because I think in plasmoids scrollable areas are also flickable, so no need for a double click action.

Thanks for the ideas! - Dec 15 2010
Thank you!

I think changing the icon to the current activity's icon would make recognizing harder.

The cashew icon is just a temporary one. I am planning to create a nice icon (maybe monochrome too) for the activity manager. Of course any help is appreciated since I am not an artist actually.

And I have something different on my mind for the icons (e.g using screenshots or even live previews if possible and overlaying the start/stop icon on top ;)

Stay tuned for updates! - Dec 15 2010
Hamsi Manager

System Software
by mopened

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9   Mar 20 2013

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Amine27

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9   Jan 02 2011