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Feb 09 2013
Ok, i fixed your issue. Fix will get into the 0.3.1 version. - Feb 14 2013
Ah, i got it.
Does Icon view and Tree View open folders and files by single click? - Feb 14 2013
Hm, that's odd - i didn't remove them and right now i'm looking at Column view in Andromeda.
Can you provide more information what exactly doesn't working?
First, what is your OS? Did you built from source; if yes, what repository did you use ( or, and what branch (master, i suppose?)
Next, do you have "Column view" in "View" menu or in context menu?
Provide as more info as possible. - Feb 14 2013
What is "Miller columns"?:( - Feb 14 2013
"with the latest" what?:) - Feb 14 2013
But if you set LC_ALL variable to en_US, it will work correctly for you.

QLocale checks variables in following order - LC_ALL, LC_NUMERIC, LANG. - Feb 09 2013
I maid small investigation. It appears rally a qt bug (or feature). First, QLocale tries LC_NUMERIC variable and if it fails, it tries LANG variable. I don't know why it works this way, but that's the way the do it:( - Feb 09 2013
Sorry for long time to reply... Not sure you'll see this.
For loading translations, i use same code as in Qt examples. Maybe that code is incorrect somehow (yes, it gets system locale like and tries to find most suitable translation. Here's how it searches ) I'm not sure i can do anythink without having you PC:( If you can provide a pathc, that would be great.

PS: 0.3 version is coming soon, introducing a lot of new features. - Jul 19 2012
Ooops, 1) was really a bug:) "remove" should be before "quit":) - Apr 11 2012
Ooops, 1) was really a bug:) "remove" should be before "quit":) - Apr 10 2012
Ooops, 1) was really a bug:) "remove" should be before "quit":) - Apr 10 2012
1) There should be a separator, isn't it? Anyway, i agree, i will add "eject" action after "remove"
2) Why you need to quit file manager? It should be permanently placed in memory. I can add setting to quit when last window is closed or not, but anyway there should be 1 copy of a program in memory - this gives very big speedup when opening new windows (program should not load dependent libs). Also much less memory is used (file icon cache is a big thing)
3-4) Working on it
5) ok, i'll take a look - Apr 05 2012
Razor include qt libraries, but not developer tools (qmake and so on). But you can install andromeda package, which should be include as a part of razor - Dec 26 2011
Do you have qt and gcc installed? - Dec 25 2011
You can build it yourself:)

Yes, redistributable .app is planned in closest future, need some bug fixes first. - Nov 15 2011
As i thought. Thank you very much, i made workaround.
Not sure it will help, but it should. - Nov 07 2011
This is known bug, appears on some systems with mingw (but not depends on version). I'm sure that cmake file is correct but for some reason.

Only fix i can suggest is to comment line 16 in src/app/CMakeLists.txt :

I know this bug for very long time, tried 4 mingw versions of Qt (4.7.0-4.7.4), it is not reproduced on my machines. However, my tester should comment that line regularly.

What OS do you use? 3 win XP machines with different compilers doesn't reproduce bug

Maybe best idea is to create binaries for win... - Nov 07 2011
Tested, build using msvc is ok. MinGW should be too, it is less annoying;) - Nov 07 2011
Try now. I made small fix.

And i'll check win build myself right now. - Nov 07 2011
Well, than workaround if to comment line find_package( Git ) in cmake/ProjectInfo.cmake file

Thanks for discovering problem, i'll think i can fix it - Nov 07 2011
That's really bad; everything seems ok:( Really have no idea... Later i should try installing gentoo:) - Nov 07 2011
Need more info... I know that CMake can be tricky, but have no idea why it generates wrong makefile.
Try calling "make VERBOSE=1"
Also it would be great if you provide lines from generated make file
What CMake options do you use?
Do you use shadow build? - Nov 07 2011