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Amarok Notify-osd - critical update

Amarok 1.x Scripts by wykladowca 1 comment

This script is really useful and it integrates well with Ubuntu 9.10.

However, small request: would it be possible to remove the bold "Amarok" and instead change the bold text on the top line to the title of the song.

It isn't really necessary to be reminded, in bold letters, that the information relates to the amarok music player (at least in my opinion). Perhaps there should be a configuration option?

Anyway thanks for the useful script. - Jan 01 2010
But I'm not getting the error I was getting before. In fact I'm not getting any error, but it still doesn't work :( - Apr 29 2009
Just installed screenlets and impulse in jaunty. It still doesn't work. Any ideas? - Apr 29 2009
Well I'm using Ubuntu Intrepid. I did some tweaking to pulse a while back, but I think I disabled those. In any case, any ideas why this would be happening? I'll be re-installing once Jaunty comes out so may look into it then. - Apr 13 2009
Hey, I tried doing

pactl list
Connection failure: Connection refused

Seems there is something wrong here as well - Apr 13 2009
Ran it from the terminal...

Launch Impulse
Launching Screenlet from: /home/abhiroop/.screenlets/Impulse/
Logging output goes to: $HOME/.config/Screenlets/ImpulseScreenlet.log
Connection failure: Connection refused
REGISTER screenlet: ImpulseScreenlet
/home/abhiroop/.screenlets/Impulse/ DeprecationWarning: integer argument expected, got float
self.window.resize( w * self.scale, h * self.scale )
- Apr 13 2009
It runs fine, I can see the red bars above the blue bars. I can move it around. I CANNOT right-click on it, however, when the config/close button shows up in the top right corner of the screenlet I can edit the options.

How do I run it from the terminal? - Apr 13 2009
I am on intrepid using screenlets 0.1.2 and this does not appear to be working. Any thoughts? - Apr 13 2009