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Achim Frase , Germany

Various Gnome Stuff by Achim 3 comments

in this picture it doesn't show the actual file size.

It should only give an overall feeling how it looks.

The bars should show the file size in relation to the folder size.

I have written an e-mail to the nautilus mailing list. There you can get more information.

Achim - Jun 02 2008
Ubuntu 7.10 AMD CD Label

CD/DVD Labels by shooter902 1 comment

Have you read this befor you published your art?

If you build your work up on an existing art, you couldn't change the license typ.

So you should change the license to "CC-BY-SA license".

You also should say who was the original artist.

best wishes
Achim - Jul 30 2007
Ubuntu 7.04 CD Label PC

CD/DVD Labels by Achim 4 comments


It looks not to 100% like the original, I used another font as the original. The original was "Arial Rounded MT Bold" I think, but I had no access to such a font. My goal was to use fonts that are available in ubuntu. The "Arial Rounded MT Bold" was part of the Microsoft Office so far as I recall. Microsoft products are no choice for me.

Take a look at the font and you will see the difference.

If you are interested in the source files I can send it to you. Just let me know.

best wishes

Achim - Jun 28 2007
Ubuntu 7.04 CD Label PC

CD/DVD Labels by Achim 4 comments

You can see the links I used in the description.

There are no official covers for Feisty available. Only old covers for Dapper are available in *.jpg or *.pdf format.

I used Inkscape for drawing, so I had to draw all by my self.

I also looked on some pictures at to see how the official covers look like.


Logos and Pictures except the "pass it on logo" are from ubuntu.

I had to draw the "pass it on logo" by my self, as I couldn't find one on the web.

best wishes

Achim - Jun 27 2007
Ubuntu 7.04 CD Label Mac

CD/DVD Labels by Achim 2 comments

I changed the text that you suggested in the front cover.

If someone has access to the original text, please let me know. - Jun 27 2007
Ubuntu 7.04 CD Label 64-bit

CD/DVD Labels by Achim 2 comments


you were to fast.

I was just uploading the files.

As you can see there is a normal PC version.

I also use the normal 32-bit version.

best wishes

Achim - Jun 25 2007

animation is working

THX - Sep 08 2006

I installed your package and noticed that ther is no animation in process bars ! - Sep 08 2006
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 370 comments

good job man..

I like this, easy to install and to use.

Keep up the good work. - Jul 31 2006
praising country (1920x1200)

Wallpaper Other by Achim 2 comments

so for you the 1440x900 version.

I think the panoramic photo wouldt not fit
as wallpaper so I don't published it.

thanks for you comment :-) - Jul 12 2006
DVD Cover

CD/DVD Labels by Achim 3 comments

sorry I do not understand

I wrot it because this cover is mad vor this Iso's - Jun 03 2006
Dapper Show svg

Wallpaper Other by taliesin 1 comment

looks realy great.. - Jun 03 2006
Dapper show

Wallpaper Other by EnNe 4 comments

I like the style of your wallpaper.

But I think the boarder of the ubuntu logo looks not so good.

You can download the logo from

so you shoult be able to do a bit sharper logo.

I would use another text, but this is my own opinion.

At least it would be nice if you could tell me what for prog you used to do this. - Jun 03 2006
Desert (1920x1200)

Wallpaper Other by Achim 5 comments

I Thank all the people that give me so a positive evaluation !!! - May 22 2006
Blue Icon Group (Gaim)

Icon Sub-Sets by Achim 3 comments

Sorry that I answer so late, I had to work !!
It is no mistake. As you can think it is not realy possible to make the Themes 100% compatible. The Code came from "JAJC" (Jabber Client).

Thanks for the Info I will change it in the next release !! - May 08 2006
Blue Icon Group

Icon Sub-Sets by Achim 2 comments

Not at the moment, the configuration file is a bit different.

If I have time i will create one for gaim.

but I have not tested it yet.

So I can not promise. - May 07 2006