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Ashley Collins

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by dralgebra 541 comments

Works a treat! Thanks for the fix.

(Works in Tiled Maxpect mode too..) - Jul 09 2004
Looking Glass

KDE Plasma Screenshots by acollins 5 comments

Do you mean the xterm?

In window mode it's launched outside Looking Glass. In session mode it runs inside Looking Glass, but I couldn't type in it and had to run everything as root... - Jul 09 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by dralgebra 541 comments

Looks really good!

Can the root pixmap be extended to work with xinerama displays? (I get corruption on the second display) - Jul 07 2004
KDE 3.2 alpha1

KDE Plasma Screenshots by iPaqTux 12 comments

Are you using Debian? How did you get the fonts to look so good? - Sep 26 2003
mandrakeGalaxy Theme

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by bouveyron 29 comments

Do you have the source? - Apr 08 2003
Geramik *and* ThinGeramik GTK Themes

GTK1 Themes by CraigD 183 comments

Any plans to do gtk Li{q,g}uid theme? :-) - Mar 08 2003
Aqua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by davidsansome 139 comments

Looks great!! One thing...It seems shadows are drawn on hidden window edges when using pointer focus and no raise... - Feb 20 2003

GTK2 Themes by kabouter 12 comments

Just what I've been waiting for!

Any chance of using the new Liquid colour scheme? - Feb 04 2003
My Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Erix 7 comments

^what^where - Nov 06 2002
My Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Erix 7 comments

I like the gkrellm skin...what can I get it? - Nov 06 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by crayzeewulf 1 comment

I'm still waiting for a window manager that can do virtual desktops per xinerama screen. So, you could change desktop's on the lefthand screen and the righthand would stay as it was (and vice versa). - Oct 02 2002
KDE Black Gears II

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by sbrown1038 4 comments

Where did you get the kicker background?? - Sep 06 2002
new keramik? drop shadows? now?

Various Stuff by sheean 11 comments

I know you're probably not supposed to do this but....I transplanted a 3.1 verions these files:


, into the 3.02 directory structure.

This worked on Solaris 8 x86 but not on Debian Linux(unstable)

- Aug 15 2002
My New Gentoo Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Stix 6 comments

Ok, tell us where you got that backdrop! - Jul 18 2002
"Debian" Urban Visions Bootsplash 1024..

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by epic 5 comments

I don't think the version of grub in Debian unstable has the splashimage patch.

Anyone get this to work? I've had no luck... - Jul 07 2002
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff by renoken 57 comments

Go for the gradient version. I love it! - Jul 07 2002
keramik deco for Mandrake

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by byteme 17 comments

Good work! Dropped into place beautifully on Debian (unstable) with kde3 in /opt/kde3!

- May 29 2002
keramik style + translucent kicker

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KrAzY 131 comments

Wow, it feels like Christmas! I have been waiting for the kwin part of keramik for sooooo long! :-)

Does anyone know if the grab-bars at the bottom of windows will be rounded like in the first screenshots posted on

I might have a go at making them deeper and rounded when I get automake 1.5 so I can compile the CVS sources... - May 29 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 24 comments

Could you add a 32x32 set as well? - May 17 2002
QNX Style

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by c99drn 45 comments

What font are you using. It looks really professional! - Apr 18 2002