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Adan Ova Bogotá, Colombia
Elegant Gnome Pack

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Nov 16 2010
Wow, I didn't noticed the GDM thing.

Thanks and... sorry. - Sep 09 2010
Me too. Count me in. - Sep 09 2010
Good day. This theme is becoming better every version.

I have though, three questions:

1. Why were the cursors changed? Comix ones were pretty nice and they combined very well with the rest of the theme.

2. Will there be a way of changing the login theme so that it looks like Elegant with the app in the future?

3. Will there be an app for Debian? (yes, Debian without compiling and stuff)


Pd: If I asked anything that was already answered, please forgive me. - Sep 08 2010
Yes, the empathy problem is solved.

Although the moon is still missing in the new theme:


I hope I am not doing anything wrong. If it is the case, I apologize and please tell me what it is as I followed the installation instructions correctly.

Thanks for this awesome theme. - Jul 24 2010
I also realised this problem with the flags.
I think the solution is to include more flags. My keyboard is Spanish so when I had two keyboard layouts it was an X in a red circle.

Thanks - Jul 23 2010
Oh, maybe you were talking about the empathy thing!

The problem is this:

As far as I am concerned and after reading in forums and google it, the problem is always related to the theme.

Thanks - Jul 23 2010
Sure, but I'll have to wait until the night! (as it comes from information downloaded form the web) =P

The sun works ok though:

When with the moon, there is just a missing space with clouds (when with clouds).

Thanks - Jul 23 2010
There is also a problem with the icons in empathy. They are really big. - Jul 22 2010
Good day,

This theme is great. It just lacks the moon in the clock applet.

Thanks. - Jul 22 2010
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Aug 25 2010
Score 74.1%
Aug 14 2010