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Andreas Kuhl Wiesbaden, Germany
Google Web Search, KDE SC 4.4 style

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 105 comments

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Jun 21 2010
Thx for your report! I'll try to fix this with the next version. - May 26 2010
Thx! I am pretty curious for version 2.0 of your awesome Firefox skin... - May 26 2010
Fixed in release 1.5.2. - May 25 2010
Fixed in release 1.5.2. - May 25 2010
Thx for reporting! I'll try to fix this with the next release. - May 20 2010
Thx for reporting! I'll try to fix this with the next release. - May 20 2010
Fixed with today's release of version 1.5.1. :-) - May 18 2010
I was already working on this, most issues are fixed with today's release! :-) - May 06 2010
How can I activate it? - Apr 29 2010
Which extension is this that displays the keyboard? - Apr 29 2010
I fixed this issue with release 1.4.7! - Apr 29 2010
Ok, fixed it. Will be part of the next release. - Apr 28 2010
This is on my todo list for one of the next releases as well as the preferences page. - Apr 16 2010
I think it is good enough to read, isn't it? :-) - Apr 16 2010
I really appreciate this, thx! BTW: Your Oxygen KDE Firefox skin is AWESOME, I use it with great pleasure! :-) - Apr 16 2010
The search results are now centered in Release 1.4.5. - Apr 15 2010
I'll try in the next version. - Apr 14 2010
Fixed in version 1.4.4. - Apr 14 2010
The wallpaper is inside the CSS file (see "body" section) as inline base64-encoded string. - Apr 13 2010
Yeah, I did this for two reasons:

1. Most people would search for the downloads/links at the end of the page like they are used to at

2. Redirecting through enables the download counter again. - Apr 13 2010
added to my todo-list - Apr 12 2010
I remember having read somewhere that this would not work but it does obviously, just tested it successfully.

Thx alot, this will be part of version 1.4.2! - Apr 11 2010
I finally got it working in Konqueror, see here:

But there are two drawbacks that make me recommend to NOT use my theme with Konqueror:

1. There can be only one custom stylesheet at a time for ALL pages (Settings -> Apprearance -> Styles -> use custom style)

2. I needed to remove the wrapping namespace in order to make it work. This means, that the user style would apply on ALL pages, that happen to have the same CSS classes or IDs that Google uses. And unfortunally, that's pretty likely. - Apr 10 2010
I suggest you learn the basics of CSS coding, it is not that hard to learn.

This page provides a nice overview: - Apr 10 2010
Sorry, iGoogle has a completely different DOM and needs therefore a different userstyle. My style won't fit, sorry. - Apr 10 2010
The images are contained in the stylesheet as base64 encoded PNG and JPEG images, just search for "image/".

All other colors are defined as HEX values. To find the right element, you will need a DOM inspector (e.g. Firebug for Firefox). - Apr 10 2010
Ok, on my list for the next release. - Apr 09 2010
I managed to split the style in two and uploaded it successfully to You can see the result here:

I've added instructions for installation with Google Chrome. Have fun! :-) - Apr 09 2010
The plan is, that you will need to install both parts as they complete each other. But better having to install two parts than having nothing to install at all. :-) - Apr 09 2010
Tomorrow, I will test if I can split my style into two files and provide them on as 1/2 and 2/2. - Apr 09 2010
Thx! I fixed the link, sorry. - Apr 09 2010
This would be a really cool solution!

I guess all people who try to resemble Oxygen/Air with my style do already use your brilliant Firefox skin (me too).

So you would deliver it with your skin and we would create a small user style that activates my style (like you did with the new color schemes of your skin)?

I would still like to provide my style here but I would be happy to see it bundled with your skin! - Apr 09 2010
I have already created an account and tried uploading my style there before posting it to But unfortunally the CSS became too big for because of the embedded Ethais wallpaper. So I had to upload it to

Any suggestions? I'd really prefer uploading it to and only linking from here. - Apr 09 2010
Wish granted! :-) Implemented in version 1.3.0. - Apr 09 2010
Unfortunally, I do not know a way to use custom stylesheets for certain pages in Konqueror. There is only a setting to use a general custom stylesheet but this does not work in my tests. - Apr 09 2010
Thx! I will publish an updated version later that contains multiple Google domains. - Apr 09 2010
I fixed the graphical glitches and brought back the user menu.

Google Images will need a style of its own, I will work on this as soon as this skin seems almost finished. - Apr 09 2010
Ok, I'll try to fix this. - Apr 09 2010
Thanks, I added your instructions to the official description. I have not added your modifictions yet because I will publish an updated version later that contains multiple Google domains. - Apr 09 2010
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
Ah, brilliant! Waiting eagerly for the next version... :-) - May 12 2010
The FireBug addon has a search field, which is corrupted by your theme. This is how it looks like with the latest version of your theme: - May 12 2010
Ah, great! - Apr 29 2010
Wow, I appreciate your efforts very muuch! I hope you manage to fix it. - Apr 29 2010
The progress bar is not moving (I suspect that we only see the bar container and the bar itself is hidden). The left and right borders are messed up, too. - Apr 28 2010
Here is a screenshot of the messed up progress bar: - Apr 28 2010
Progress bars are broken, if they have a very narrow height. Unfortunally, lots of addons use progress bars with less then 20 px height, e.g. XMarks (sync dialog on browser shutdown) or Splash (FF loading progress splash screen).

This is not a major issue but it would be cool, if this could be fixed. Shall I look into this issue and see if I can come up with a fix? - Apr 28 2010
This really sounds great, cannot wait until the next version will be released. 1.13 is pretty cool, I love that we finally got rid of the annoying line above the statusbar. - Apr 28 2010
The color of the SSL certificate should match the default highlight color. In my case, it should match Oxygen but it is the blue color tone from Oxygen-cold: - Apr 26 2010
You are right, it is really locationbar^2 ! - Apr 19 2010
The dropdown bg color for hover state has the wrong color. I am using the Oxygen colors and it still has the Oxygen-cold color.

See: - Apr 15 2010

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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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