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Alex Fiestas Barcelona, Spain
System Software

System Software 58 comments

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Feb 21 2010
Take it easy men, we're not here to serve you keep it in mind.

There is no "install" because advanced users usually know how to deal with cmake, and normal users wait until they distribution packs the software.

To build it just do:
cmake ./ -CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=(your prefix here)

And then:
make install

Cya - Mar 04 2010
Please, report a bug with all the required information (your distro and so on), kde-apps is not a bugtracker :/

- Feb 09 2010
Ups, crash fixed, let me do some test before do another crash-release. - Feb 02 2010
There is no solution, at the moment no kio_obex exists :( - Nov 17 2009
Hi, Good idea!
What I can do ATM is only add the same action with left click too (the same menu will be showed), as it can be classified as bug.
In 0.5 version I'll ask to usability people what you do, I really don't like have different menus in different buttons. - Nov 12 2009
I've fixed this in RC2, check it please! - Nov 11 2009

Thanks1 - Nov 05 2009
I've fixed this in the svn, can you test it? thanks! - Nov 04 2009
I've added this point as "Power saving stuff".

Thanks for the wish :) - Oct 02 2009
With what error? - Oct 02 2009
Web intereface:

svn co svn:// - Sep 28 2009
Thanks for your feedback! I'll ask Ana (Debian kde developer) to see how I can fix it.

Thanks again! - Sep 17 2009

System Software 68 comments

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Aug 15 2015
:/ maybe you're right I don't have childs so I shouldn't say anything on that topic :(

But the idea is nice, even if it's not applicable with child's :/! - Feb 09 2010
Awesome idea, awesome implementation! you should try to move it inside kdebase, I'm sure that a lot of parents will thanks you! - Feb 09 2010

Webcam & Monitoring 101 comments

by apol
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Dec 09 2010
Can you give me please the repository from where you have installed kde 4.3 in kubuntu 9.04?
I need it to build kamoso in your exact environment, so I can give you some tip, or fix kamoso build system if needed.

Thanks! - Sep 10 2009