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aimara ax , Italy
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Archax fbsplash theme

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Mar 07 2010
i don't use kde and ksplash ... sorry ...

- Nov 09 2010
you can use my guide...

for archlinux:

if you use slackware you can use: and you can convert this theme for bootsplash patch with

It'is explained in detail on my blog.. greetings - Apr 05 2010
Tattoo's Girl

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Jun 30 2007
If use fbsplash or gensplash, convert this theme with bootsplash2fbsplash. Now is online post for convert bootsplash theme in the fbsplash theme.


Regards. - Jan 15 2010
is trying an image? - Aug 09 2007
councils and suggestions on progress of the bar in silent mode are appreciate. - Jun 30 2007
ghgh, there isn't question, you use my :P
- Jun 30 2007
if not ruin the resolution the quality of the image...yes
to attend the next days

Tnx for compliments - Jun 30 2007
Just Linux

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Jan 19 2007
excuse me...
i don't have request license...

I supply endured

it has been an error - Jan 15 2007