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Daniel Aleksandersen , Norway
KFastText - Smallest Text Viewer

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Here is some feedback that should be consider for the continued development. All below feedback aims at creating a fast, general purpose viewer—like Apple QuickView—but for KDE. Anyways, here is my feedback:

* Do not have a close button or ‘status bar’. Just let the user figure out what the top right X is for.
* Automatic line breaking at 72 characters for all plain text (.txt) documents. (That is generally considered good readability for western languages.) Try scaling the window to this size + scrollbars as well.)
* Rename the app. KuickView.
* Add image support. Display one image centralised on the screen. Scaled at about max 80% of width/height.
* As above and add video support. No player controls or anything. Same max scaling and positioning schema as above.
* Add PDF, OpenDocument Format, and KOffice-format support. Presentations/slides can be played as images at a fixed interval. Spreadsheets with and text documents with very basic formatting. (Support headline, block text, bold, italic, and list with fixed formatting. No need to support fonts and more.)
* Left clicking closes the app. Right clicking brings up a menu: Play/Pause and Play from start (for video), Print (for text/images), Open in [Default app. or secondary app. if KvickView is default] Open with > [Extend menu arm based on KDE app. handling], and Quit.

Hope this helps. - Oct 21 2007