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Ilian Ivanov Montana, Bulgaria
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Ambiance 15.10 - BLACK

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Feb 08 2016
Point taken. Thanks :) - Feb 09 2016
Ambiance 15.10 - Black with borders

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Feb 11 2016
I don't know why it is happening. It wasn't like that before. Maybe there's something weird going on with the site. Nevertheless I'll try to put more images :) - Feb 08 2016
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Oct 27 2015
I'm sorry for the delayed answer.
I'll definitely try, but I really have no time to do it right now. And on the other hand I've stumbled upon some difficulties to make a Live USB with 15.10, so it's gonna take a while I guess. - Jan 21 2016
Thanks, I'm glad you liked what I did. I'm preparing another slight different version of the theme inspired by the remarks of sadi, but it's not ready yet. Cheers! - Nov 03 2015
Thanks I'm glad you've liked it. About your suggestions it's a tricky job 'cause synaptic is using the gtk3 settings, so to color it like the other apps you've got to change the overall color sheme. I've tried to do it and here's an tweaked version that might suit your needs
Cheers! - Oct 28 2015

Metacity Themes 2 comments

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Apr 28 2012
Will do the next time, thanks :) - Oct 17 2012

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Jul 11 2017
I've just found a working solution posted by mcduck in - link your user's theme directories into root's theme directories:

open terminal and use those commands

sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root/.themes
sudo ln -s ~/.icons /root/.icons

Now it should work fine - May 13 2012
It's like that because the theme is stored in home/.themes and synaptic is a root application I don't have the exact solution but see this link may help you. Ill try to find solution but i can't guarantee anything. - May 13 2012
Actually to do that you have to change settings in: metacity-theme-1.xml(the loook of the window borders); unity.ccs (to change the unity panel background); gtkrc & chromium.rc (for browsers collors). It's gonna take a while to do it but if you have time ... :) i've made two sliverish themes you can check them if you like
- May 07 2012
I've just checked it and the download link is working, maybe it's a site glitch of some kind - May 04 2012
Thanks for the points, errors fixed & theme updated :) - May 03 2012
Don't worry mistakes happen :) - May 02 2012
Hi there, I'm sorry for the delay but the last few days I was in a place where there was no internet. Strange I've tested it on a 12.04 LTS and it was fine, did you extracted the theme in ~/.themes? - May 01 2012

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Apr 27 2012
No problem :)
I have fixed it in the theme too, because the most logical thing is that apps should respect the theme colors :)
If you like you can change it in the downloaded theme too, you have got to open with text editor the gnome-terminal.css in the AmbSTEELblue/gtk-3.0/apps. In the beginning of the file there is line called background-color I have set it to #4d5862, so you can do it too if you do not want to download the theme again :) - Apr 05 2012
Thanks for the reply, I have missed that.
Btw The background of the terminal window can be easily changed from the terminal itself. launch a terminal window and from menu choose edit-> Profile preferences (its at the bottom of the menu) than from the color tab you can set the color you like
Cheers :)
- Apr 05 2012

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Apr 28 2012
Here's a link to the desktop image used with the theme: - Mar 30 2012