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Nov 17 2008

> _please_, please, double-please omit the "save output dir" option!!!! i guess it would have deleted my home dir. thank god i didn't unchecked it. ok, so i don't know if it does what it says. but again, please omit it!

the "save output dir" option does not delete anything, it will just save the path of the output directory in the config-File, so you needn't select one again, when you startup the program next time.
I will probably replace this with a combo-box, to store the whole history of output dirs, as soon I have finished the settings dialog.

> some of the presets in the .hyperconf file do not work, eg. "xvid-mp3-good quality" gives following output:
same with the other xvid/divx presets.

Ok, I will fix this in the next release. The problem here is, that ffmpeg comes in so many different versions and configurations (for most people the profiles should work).
In the meantime you can help yourself by just selecting the sample rate in the encoder-settings dialog (that's what it complains about in your output) and save a new profile.
But I will improve the preconfigured profiles in the next release.

> when using ffmpe2theora the settings tabs take very long to load. i don't know if it's only my pc or a general issue
> the processing window has no window-decorations

could you give me some more infos about your configuration (distribution - kde/gnome/other ? - graphics card - compiz yes/no ...)
Does the gtk2-version show the same problems ?

> when saving a preset with a already existing name, it does not overwrite the existng one. this would be useful, or at least a question dialog, if one wants to do so.

yes, I agree. Will add a question dialog in next release.

What the programming language is concerned: pascal/lazarus attracted me because its lcl can be linked against all common gui frameworks (even windows api and mac carbon) without changing any code. However, some of the bindings still have serious problems, the missing window decorations probably being one of them. I'm regretting my choice a bit, but I'm gonna stay with it... - Dec 15 2008
is this the only app with this problem ?
Did you use the qt or the gtk version ?

If you used the qt, can you please try the gtk-version please.
- Dec 01 2008
I have made a new package, according to your feedback, with libqt4 as dependency.
The old one is now a mandriva package, I think (hope) it will work there.

Packaging for linux is really a pain...

thanks for your feedback.

- Nov 11 2008

I have checked and they work for me. Can you please try again and see if it works now ?
If not I'm gonna host them somewhere else. - Sep 11 2008
thanks, I'm also working on integrating mencoder and some other goodies. check it out ! - Apr 01 2008
It works. But the window opened for dialog is at maximal height and not adjustable.

well, that's because I have packed a lot of widgets in the dialog. I have taken care that it can be used on a 1024x768 resolution (that's probably what you are using), but it fills the whole screen there. On 1280x1024 it's ok and on 1600x1200 it's just the right size.

However, I am planning to outsource some widgets in other dialogs, then the main dialog will be smaller.

Also I can't close the application. I have to kill it...

you mean the close button and the "x" in the upper right corner have no function for you ?
I'm not able to reproduce, does anyone else have that problem ? - Apr 01 2008
the next problem is that when i select a file in Target without suffix ( for example i want convert to 3gp in target ), after convertion , the suffix doesnt exist after file name and i should rename the file and add .3gp after file name.

this is intended behaviour, the filename will be exactly as specified by you.
The reason is, that you can use ffmpeg (and hence the gui) without any options at all, for example : ffmpeg -i input.mpeg output.avi.
In this case ffmpeg determines the settings depending on the suffix you have chosen, so I don't want to 'autoguess' a suffix.
Some container formats also can have different suffixes (like quicktime -> .mov, .qt, mp4 ...).
Having no suffix on the video file will, however, have no negative impact on your converted file, you can just rename it.

I will announce the update since it probably affects all ubuntu users. Thanks for your feedback, it was very useful. - Jan 23 2008
I think I have found the problem. Can you please re-download again and see, if it works now. - Jan 22 2008

Can you please post the output of these 2 commands ?

ls -la /bin/sh


echo $SHELL

Thank you for your help - Jan 22 2008
also please re-download hyper if you haven't done so already. I have fixed a few minor ubuntu specific glitches based on feedback I have gotten. - Jan 22 2008
can you please execute the generated command in the console and post the output ? - Jan 22 2008
as you can see in the output you have posted, your ffmpeg version does not have support for any of the interesting codecs (no xvid, no mp3 and so on).
This is not an issue of the gui, you need to get other ffmpeg version or compile one yourself.

However, I have uploaded a new package, which throws error messages, so you won't get success reports anymore in case of errors. - Jan 21 2008
1) what distro are you using ?
2) can you please re-download and try again
3) can you please send me the output of ffmpeg -formats ? - Jan 21 2008
it's fixed (hopefully ...) - Jan 20 2008
you have to change the codec to 'custom', then enter 'xvid' or 'x264' in the line.

Your posting came double, I have replied to the other one, look a bit higher ;) - Jan 20 2008
btw: can you please type

ffmpeg -formats > ffmpegformats.txt

and send the file ffmpegformats.txt to I will send you a modified version of hyper, that works for you, in return :P - Jan 20 2008
>--enable-xvid --enable-x264

it looks as if your ffmpeg version is compiled with different libs than mine (I use the one from debian-multimedia).

There are 2 possibilities for you to solve that (for the moment).

- open the 'hyperc.kmdr' file with kommander-editor, then double click on the dropdown box with the codecs. In the following dialog replace 'libxvid' with 'xvid' and 'libx264' with 'x264'.
Be careful though not to change the order of the codecs, as the profile-scripts rely on the current order.

- use 'custom' codec. Simply choose 'custom' in the codec dropdown box and enter 'xvid' in the line below it. That should work. You can even save your custom input in the profiles.

Thanks for your feedback though, I wasn't aware of that problem. I'm going to find a solution. - Jan 20 2008
Vielleicht hast du ffmpeg mit falschen Optionen gef├╝ttert (nicht alle Optionen gehen mit allen Codecs).

klick nach der fehlgeschlagenen Konvertierung mal auf 'stdout anzeigen'. Dann siehst du die Ausgabe von ffmpeg.
Alternativ kannst du auch den generierten Befehl in die Konsole kopieren.

PS: Eigentlich muss man hier Englisch schreiben ...
- Jan 20 2008
thanks ! Glad you like it - Jan 17 2008
I have fixed it. - Jan 14 2008
>it wont work

can you please elaborate ...
where is the problem ? - Dec 06 2007
the layout is fixed. I forgot to make it properly resize.. - Oct 19 2007
you are not accessing the files via the 'Network' tab of the 'open'-dialog, right ? You are accessing them on the local filesystem by going to the mountpoint. - Oct 16 2007
because you probably haven't mounted the share. You cannot access files via smb:// from applications, that don't understand samba protocol.

Mount the share with smbmount, than you will be able to access the files. - Oct 16 2007
yes, that's no problem. I will upload a new package this evening together with some more changes and bugfixes from feedback I have received.

However, you can also use "force overwrite" option for this purpose. - Oct 14 2007
sorry, the profanity messages were for debugging, I thought I had them all removed. I have uploaded a new package without profanity (hopefully...). - Oct 13 2007
Qwipe - secure file delete

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 14 2008
ok, thanks. I have added a kde4 servicemenu, based on your feedback, and changed the makefile accordingly.
I cannot test it though, as I have booted kde4 from my system last week.

I have also noticed that dolphin in kde3 doesn't like mime all/all, so I have changed this. - Oct 12 2008