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John D Smith

Developers Apps by jstaniek 44 comments

OK, I retraced my steps to .8, however, I noticed an updated rpm on the 11/04, so downloaded a i586 base rpm for SuSE 10, and installed. Kexi still loading as .8
and I cannot find any reference under YAST for Kexi, just the KOffice base package. Kexi at the prompt does not produce errors, just the wrong version running. I would like to operate using MySQL on my server, also SuSE v9 I think from memory.
Sorry this is all a bit garbled - Apr 25 2006

Financial by infosial 10 comments

Ditto the above ... if it is not multi lingual is it possible to point this out, and save us the drama and risk of installing it. - Mar 19 2006

Developers Apps by jstaniek 44 comments

have upgraded from .8 which was part of a SuSE 10 install. I then downloaded the rpm from the link and installed the newer version. However kexi will not start ... any ideas. - Mar 18 2006