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Sebastien Senechal MontrĂ©al, Canada
Plasma 4 Widgets
X10 Controller Plasma Widget

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Dec 11 2013
Also make sure you do use /usr for install prefix.

if you use /usr/local (which may be the default), KDE will never see the plugin

then run kbuildsycoca4 - Jul 19 2013
Hi there,

By installing, I assume you meant by doing "make install"

After installing a widget through source code the first time, you have to run the command kbuildsycoca4, which will register the [new] plugins in /usr/lib/kde4/

at this point x10 is recognizable as service. try plasmoidviewer x10. If not, restart the plasma (it won't kill your applications) by doing:
kquitapp plasma-desktop; sleep 1; plasma-desktop

when adding the x10 widget, please add it first to the desktop, then drag it to a panel if you want there. Reason is that widget is empty and you will need to right click to add nodes... On a panel, it is resized to minimum making it harder to find the initial widget

If you want to play with the code, use the link in the x10 directory after a make install... This will link libraries in /usr/lib/kde4/ to latest development in build/

This way launching "plasmoidviewer x10" though cmd or Kdevelop will always use latest

Else KDE load latest in /usr/lib/kde4/ and the only way to reload new version is by restarting plasma-desktop

Make sure you have the CM19A in a usb slot, and enjoy

Feel free to request any help or new features

regards - Jul 19 2013
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Apr 07 2013

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