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Alexandre Chapellon
Elegant Brit gtk3

GTK3/4 Themes by grvrulz 47 comments


Thank for porting elegant brit to gtk3. I also love this theme and am happy to use it in gnome-shell.
Unfortunatelly there are few bugs I've noticed.
Some of them are already reported in previous posts but do not seem to be fixed.
Here is a little screencast that shows the most 3 bugs:
- As reported previously, regular gtk apps like gnome-terminal, nautilus or geany show white menus charcter on a white background making it unreadable (with the lastest version downloaded today)
- When mouse passes over boxes, the outer line make the pat of the window jump randomly.
- Gimp shows ugly outer lines in boxes

IF that may help, I have tested with elegant_brit re-visited and the white/white menu problem doesn't appear... but I find it far less brilliant.

thanks again for this port. - Jun 09 2012