Cremos Domino

KDE 3.5 Themes by negas 10 comments

I like it, thanks for share it!
Only one thing: can you change the tab gradient to make a smooth transition into the page?
Cheers! - Aug 26 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by vexati0n 4 comments

Thanks for the mod, it improves a very good theme. - Aug 03 2007
Kitty's Eyes - Moodin Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by arrenlex 11 comments

Wow, this KDE splash it's very interesting, thanks for sharing! - Jul 31 2007
86 fonts for design 1/4

Fonts by xulscheme 3 comments

Thank you for sharing these fonts, they deserve it! It could be bether to pack them all in a single file, they are not too big, don't you think? - Jul 22 2007

Screensavers by tvb-xxx 130 comments

Excellent screensaver, it runs smooth and have nice effects. Good work! - Jul 20 2007

Screensavers by carstenw42 55 comments

I like it so much, the fade and transition effects are very good and give a new dimension to my images, thank you for sharing it! - Jul 20 2007
Entis Cursors

Cursors by zhorak 30 comments

Excellent cursor theme, fits well with my dark desktop, thanks a lot! - Jun 24 2007
Alternate Kubuntu Logo

Cliparts by jordoex 10 comments

It really looks good, however a rounded corner shapes instead of squared corner would look better, what do you think? - Jun 14 2007
Dark Glow

Wallpaper Other by maniaco 5 comments

Another piece to my dark desktop puzzle! Thanks for this excellent work! - Jun 02 2007

Video Converters by kraus 67 comments

Thank you very much for this application, it's what I was looking for! - May 27 2007
Mario Vs. Piranha Plant Lego Thing?

Wallpaper Other by dookie 3 comments

Yeah, I like it too, though I'm not a Nintendo fan neither, this work looks very nice. - May 26 2007
Handsome Black Cat - Morpheus

Wallpaper Other by Lolek 5 comments

Excellent photo and very handsome cat! Thanks for sharing! - May 26 2007
KDE Dark Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by rowancompsciguy 1 comment

One of the missing parts to complete my glossy darky desktop, thanks! Excellent work, by the way ;) - May 21 2007
OpenOffice Splash

OpenOffice Splash Screens by rowancompsciguy 9 comments

Very good work! I like the blue logo, but the black one will fit better with my current desktop theme. Seriously, it's a excellent work for an excellent program. Keep the good work.
Cheers! - May 20 2007
Domino DarkShine

KDE 3 Color Schemes by sodac 5 comments

What a good theme! it looks great, and it has a very nice green selection color. Now I'm looking for a good Dekorator theme to fit with it. Keep the good work! ;) - May 11 2007
Adriana Silva - Colombia KSplash.

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by henryleon 9 comments

Really nice work! - May 02 2007
TUX mesh blender model

Various Stuff by trebol-a 9 comments

Simply amazing! Nice work! - May 01 2007

Various Gnome Stuff by Mr-idea 3 comments

Simply, very funny! Nice pic! - Apr 25 2007
Thanks! I need this one. - Mar 24 2007
Murrine Tumsoo

GTK2 Themes by quicksort 11 comments

Yeah... It looks very cool, this theme suits very well with my bat-laptop concept ;) Thanks! - Mar 24 2007
Ubuntu 3d GDM

GDM Themes by petriborg 9 comments

Well, the version 2.0 it's really better than this one, anyway one thing heads to the other, don't you think? - Mar 19 2007
Ubuntu 3d GDM

GDM Themes by petriborg 2 comments

Very nice and clean, I will see the other version too. Good work. - Mar 19 2007

Cliparts by yipyop 2 comments

Nice work, very colorful and funny. Yes, put them on a single package to vote it up :) - Mar 16 2007
Windoze Professional

GDM Themes by HaNieL 16 comments

This GDM theme can help to people that comes from Window$ world. Good work! - Mar 01 2007
Terminal Green

GTK2 Themes by Bonzodog 4 comments

Very original theme, looks nice. I will download it to see how does it looks. - Feb 27 2007
Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by xontab 1 comment

I like the font's shadow and color scheme. Good work! - Feb 27 2007
hexapod icons

Icon Sub-Sets by regimages 1 comment

Very funny icons, thanks for share your work! - Feb 21 2007
Without words. :)

GDM Themes by magusaire 7 comments

Pardon me, I mean beautiful - Feb 19 2007
Without words. :)

GDM Themes by magusaire 7 comments

Monica Belluci... what a beautyfull woman - Feb 19 2007
Vista Impossible

Cliparts by BlackStone 34 comments

It's so funny to discover that a lot of middle age PC's could have this badge. - Feb 15 2007

GTK2 Themes by seitaisei 16 comments

It's looks good in black. XFCE can look good with this! - Feb 11 2007

Metacity Themes by olinux 1 comment

Although I don't like the squared borders, this one looks very clean and clear, some retro I think. Good work! - Feb 03 2007
Vector tux wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by 976534730 1 comment

It would be better to replace the "Day" and "Night" text for "Dia" y "Noche", to be homogenous, don't you think? ;) - Feb 03 2007
Cylon Eye '72

GTK2 Themes by qhasz72 15 comments

Ohhhh! It looks great! Although red is not my favorite color, this theme is very estetic and elegant, excellent work. By the way, What is your icon theme? - Nov 22 2006
Sky of Ubuntu

GDM Themes by sirius10 8 comments

This theme give some deep sensation, like freedom! - Nov 18 2006
Tuxie's theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Tuxxxie 1 comment

Nice round borders and fits with the human theme. Good work to be the first one! - Nov 18 2006
PF-4 emerald theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by sympozium 7 comments

It's clear and clean, good work! - Nov 11 2006
Vicious Orange

GTK2 Themes by viciouslime 11 comments

You're right, I'm using Edgy Eft. OK, I will try this when I'm home, thanks for your help! - Nov 09 2006
Vicious Orange

GTK2 Themes by viciouslime 11 comments

By the screenshots it looks very nice, but when I choose it from the theme manager, the controls became plain and firefox crashes.Any suggestion? Thanks in advance! - Nov 08 2006
Gnome Eternal pack

Various Gnome Stuff by arctic 2 comments

As a suggestion: The metacity theme would look more homogenious with rounded border, because you have rounded buttons on it. :) - Sep 23 2006
Another Bright Idea

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by nixjunkie 16 comments

I really don't know if it's GPL or not, all I know it's I like it! ;) - Jul 18 2006
Mac OS X-Theme for deKorator

deKorator Themes by PieKey 8 comments

I like the symbol detail of the buttons, keep on the good work! - Jul 07 2006
Mac OS X-Theme for deKorator

deKorator Themes by PieKey 8 comments

It's a good idea, but I make you this observation: the three buttons could be more separated each other, they are too close, don't you think? - Jul 07 2006

deKorator Themes by motyR 14 comments

I really like your theme! After a little effort to update deKorator, I get it working. Thank you and keep the good work! - Jun 29 2006
MKUltra (KDE 3.2 port)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by bernath 9 comments

Try this...

export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt3

It works for me :) - May 25 2006
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by CraigD 453 comments

Looks like your app is very interesting, but when I run make got this error:

kdialogd.cpp:546:24: error: kdialogd.moc: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [kdialogd.lo] Error 1

Any idea to fix this? - Apr 23 2006
T-ish Pack

GTK2 Themes by tmilovan 138 comments

Your T-ish themes are very nice, keep the good work! - Jan 28 2006

Various Gnome Stuff by mpetzoldt 8 comments

It's what I was looking for; a good enhacement. - Sep 24 2005