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Frédéric Julian
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Score 50.0%
Apr 02 2007
Sorry, first I try at first with *.BGL babylon dictionaries which are not supported.

With the *.dic files, it's OK (^_^)
Thanks for this good apps ! - Aug 25 2005
Thanks, with the Ctrl key, there is a popup (^_^)

But now, with the babylon dic, I have a error message : "libbab incorrectly initialized"

Where I can find this librairie or why I have this error ? - Aug 24 2005
unfortunately, KTranslator does not work with Kubuntu 5.04 / KDE 3.4. There is no popup on the sceen :(

But this app seems very well and I hope that you will continue in this direction - Aug 23 2005

Utilities 244 comments

Score 70.0%
Apr 26 2011
I tested this apps and I really love it ! I had no ploblem for the compilation and the copy with the 0.3.

But I would know if it would be possible, when the dvd has a normal size, to copy completely a dvd (dvd5->dvd5) just without the CSS protection ? It's sometimes very simple and useful. - Jun 11 2005

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Score 58.0%
Apr 28 2007
I directly compiled the 0.6.0-beta1 on a ubuntu hoary, and I have no crash. The 0.5 was very unstable, but this release is really useful !

Good work ! - Apr 28 2005