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Charilaos Anagnostopoulos Mesologgi, Greece
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Alieware VLC Invader

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Jul 17 2019
I don't know what happened, but the links and the files were removed.

I have updated the link and the file as well! :) - Jul 17 2019
Tnx for your words!:)

In Open Shutter view click on the Playlist button (square with 3 horizontal lines), to open the Playlist window.

In the playlist window click (top right) last button (like a target with arrow) and save your playlist!

I tested it in Ubuntu environment and it is working very good! - Feb 03 2014
Tnx for your good words.

I already thought of creating Alienware Darkstar theme, but someone else had already created, and you can find it here:

I am thinking of making my own version. :) - Feb 03 2014