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Andi W F, Germany

Amarok 2.x Scripts by jwchile 48 comments

Great stuff, thank you so much, I was so happy to have found this and that it works so easily!

Still interested in continuing on this / collecting ideas?

To make it perfect (for me), these'd be my thoughts:

- allow single songs to be played right way and/or added to the playlist (currently need to add album and navigate to right song)

- "marry" view "controls" with "Current track" or show basic info of current track in view "controls" (currently need to navigate back and forth to understand what's played / where the next "interesting" song is

- in playlist view, highlight the song which is currently played

Anyway, just want you to know you made a happy day here...I can't describe how powerful I felt sitting on the balcony controlling amarok ! :-)

Thanks and regards
- Jul 26 2010

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by jwchile

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Jul 26 2010