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KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

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May 29 2007
Using imagemagick 6.1.0-9 and dvdauthor 0.6.11 I get this error:

"Your version of ImageMagick fails to cooperate with DVDAuthor.
Please downgrade to an older version of ImageMagick or upgrade to a newer version of DVDAuthor."

can you tell me what combination of imagemagick/dvdauthor versions you're using?


--Andrew - Nov 19 2005

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Nov 07 2005
My problem was that I had to include the for the "username"...maybe that should be changed to "gmail address" or have an example: - Aug 25 2005
I'm using Xandros 3.02 and having the same problem. - Aug 23 2005

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Aug 20 2005
When I type make I get:
XANO0OEAN36:~/Downloads/qtparted-0.4.5/qtparted-0.4.5$ make
WARNING: use unsermake instead of make or use a wrapper script, e.g. makeobj!!!
/usr/share/unsermake/unsermake all
make: /usr/share/unsermake/unsermake: Command not found
make: *** [all] Error 127

So, I found unsermake, and installed it, but still no go:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1, in ?
ImportError: No module named unsermake

It seems kinda weird to require this...was it intentional?
- Aug 20 2005

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Jul 28 2005
Would you mind posting the source, so everyone can use it ;) - Jul 28 2005
Dragon Player

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by eean
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Feb 26 2008
check here: - Apr 24 2005
'Q' DVD-Author

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Jan 09 2010
Thanks for the great program :D
When I attempt to create a DVD the window comes up that you refrence here:

but mine has no commands in it......When I check the setup I'm not missing anything that's required....but I must be missing somthing...

any ideas?

--Andrew - Dec 11 2004
Xandros Transcurve

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by inK
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Mar 25 2004
I like the trasparence

Thanks! - Mar 25 2004