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Marcin Antczak

GTK2 Themes by anteater 9 comments

Thanks a lot for this comment.

My idea was to create gtk theme for "termina mode linux hackers" ;) which will look consistent with command line mode applications such as emacs or mc and of course terminal mode with "classic" look with green foreground and black bacground.

Of course it is impossible to make CLI apps to look like Aqua :) So, I simplified the look of gtk apps and they look almost like in terminal mode ;)

But it's funny that on my monitor this second color is not exactly black. This is #05120b which is very very dark green (paired with color used on my wallpaper).

I will soon try to create more complete metatheme soon - more "greenish" and with suitable icon set.

Comming soon ;) - Jul 26 2004

GTK2 Themes by anteater 9 comments


My idea was to create really simple gtk theme which could be consistent with terminal applications.

So I use this theme with font MiscFixed everywhere - and it looks nice when I'm in terminal mode, in (gtk based) Emacs or terminal with mc.

I will upload some wallpapers suitable to this theme, maybe on Monday. - Jul 24 2004