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May 26 2019
Many thanks. I was sure that Ra5 understands only SVG icons. RTFM 8( - Dec 14 2018
Once again, I apologize for my English. I like the dog understand almost everything but not talking. ;) - Dec 13 2018
Yes. Exactly.Certainly.;)
All the Buuf themes I could find under 4 KDE or under gtk+ . Svg the Buuf I have not found . And not found how to install pixmap icons .
Thank you in advance for your attention and understanding. - Dec 13 2018
sorry /s/BUAf/Buuf/ /s/KDE/KDE5/ /s/4/KDE4/ - Dec 12 2018
Interesting theme, pleasant and useful for the eyes.
And it's interesting how you stuck the topic of BUAf in Kf5. A couple of years ago I tried KDE and didn’t switch over - one of the reasons was that the icons themes were really very dull and smeared. And at 4 I just had a BUAF. And here I see that you have it - the main question "But how."
Sorry about my English. - Dec 12 2018
+ - Dec 12 2018

Global Themes
by phob1an

Score 77.5%
9   Dec 12 2018