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Plasma 5 Applets 17 comments

by bxabi
Score 72.5%
Mar 19 2019
Also you have errors in your command that checked the GPU temperature. The command should look like this: "optirun ./nvidia-smi --query --display=TEMPERATURE | grep Gpu", because "grep Current" gets nothing. And, maybe, it should detect driver version and going in its folder through "cd /usr/lib/nvidia-XXX", where "XXX" means driver version (e.g. "nvidia-304"). - Sep 10 2017
When I installed Bumblebee it also installs a "nvidia-304" package. And yes, in "/usr/lib/nvidia-304/bin" file "nvidia-smi" is included, and its running through terminal app using "optirun ./nvidia-smi". Where does your plasmoid searching this file? Can I make a shortcut in this directory? - Sep 10 2017
It shows "[ERROR]Error running "nvidia-smi": No such file or directory" and degree sign, not the discrete card temperature instead. What I do wrong? - Aug 21 2017

Cursors 13 comments

by Kycok
Score 80.0%
Sep 09 2017
Some symlinks seems to be lost. I don't know what I did wrong during installation according to instructions. :( - Sep 09 2017