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Jan 29 2013
From my previous experience I discovered that compiled binaries for Linux are pretty useless. Generally, people who use *nix either build from sources or use packages like .rpm or .deb.
Right now I'd rather implement some new features than learn how to create packages.

However, you can build it from sources. You will need Qt4 (4.8 preferably), GCC >= 4.4 and Assimp library (I think you need to install something like libassimp-dev).

Now, there may be an issue with linking executable to libassimp. If you got ld: cannot find -lassimp.dll error, try to change line 41 in file. It looks like this LIBS += -LD:../lib -lassimp.dll. Change it to LIBS += -L -lassimp. That way it should work, but I can't guarantee it yet.

If you're familiar with developing for Linux, you can join the project and create binaries and packages for your Linux distribution :) - Jan 29 2013
Sorry. Added.
Actually, the source is on the homepage. - Jan 28 2013

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Sep 15 2011
Check out your HOME environment variable. Does it contain the correct path?

OR, you can specify any path you want in "mainwindow.cpp", lines 277 and 625.

QFile FileOpt(
QDir::homePath() + QDir::separator() + QString("transferme_options.bin")
); - Sep 15 2011
Thanks, it was helpful :)
The app did not have the permission to create a file with the settings in /usr/bin/

Try the new version, 1.0.2. - Sep 15 2011
It works fine on openSuse 11.3(i586)/kde 4.4.4.

Does the application have the permission to create files in folder? The settings are stored in "options.bin".
Have you tried to recompile it?

Please, describe it more precisely :)
The app is "green" or "default" every time? - Sep 14 2011
Okay than, enjoy :)
Sorry, but there are no comments...almost...
laziness is one of the virtues of a programmer, remember? :D
(I'm joking) - Sep 10 2011
I wrote down some thoughts in the readme file(, you may want to read it.

In my opinion, this application is far more close to free software than to proprietary. - Sep 10 2011
I'd like to the source code to remain inaccessible. Does it violate any terms of the licences under which the libraries are distributed?
And what terms should I define for my executable? I'm not fully familiar with licencing yet...

p.s. "enable/disable style" option added, thanks for notice :) - Sep 09 2011